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CEIBS 16th China Automotive Industry Forum 2018

Future Mobility: Are We Ready to Move into a New Eco-Mobility System?


699 Hongfeng Road Shanghai 201206, PRC

One of the most important questions facing automotive companies in China, Europe, the United States, Japan, Korea, and elsewhere today is whether or not they will continue to play a leading role in shaping the future of mobility. How people and goods will be transported in the future will be increasingly influenced by a wide range of external factors, including the pressure to respect increasingly more restrictive environmental requirements; expectations to introduce on the market increasingly connected and highly automated vehicles; and the arrival of new competitors, many of whom will come from outside of the automotive sector. What will the role of other non-traditional players be in shaping mobility of the future? And is the industry really in control of its own destiny? How important will the role of regulators be in providing a framework which could help shape the future of eco-mobility? Are we finally going to see regulators take a globally consistent approach to creating a legislative framework that can help drive the expansion of innovative mobility solutions?

The future mobility will be based on a multiplicity of new technologies and solutions. The real question now is how the industry will adjust to a new reality in which it will not necessarily play a leading role. Will the next generation of young people still favour owning their own car or are we witnessing a shift towards shared mobility systems and new forms of transport, including new public transport systems? What are the expectations of young people today about the way they will move tomorrow? Will cars be sold in the same way they are today? And what will the role of automotive dealers be in the future?

In the future, urban mobility will be fully integrated into smart cities which, in turn, will influence the way people and goods move within them. Will we see different mobility solutions for urban and rural areas? Today we’re already seeing the introduction of new modern forms of transport as hyperloops, flying cars, and drones are being developed and tested everywhere. Which new technologies will allow us to transport goods even in more efficient ways? And what will the solution be for the last mile? Are we finally moving toward a state of real co-modality where different modes of transport will move goods—and people—seamlessly at both the local and global level?

More than 3000 people die on roads around the world every day. Will the use of digital technology to create a network of interconnected and self-driving cars help reduce the number of road accidents and deaths? What will the role of organisations such as the International Organisation of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) be in our quest for safer roads? Smart cities around the world are introducing technologies that could limit or nearly eliminate accidents in urban areas, but what about rural ones? Will we finally see a real integrated approach to road safety—involving vehicles, drivers, infrastructure, and enforcement—become a reality?

The automotive industry is facing major challenges like it never has before. Will it be able to cope with these challenges and what will it take to meet the expectations—and defuse the pressures—of society? 

Saturday, October 27 , 2018

08:30 ~ 09:00


09:00 ~ 09:05

Welcome Address

Prof. Pedro Nueno
President and Chengwei Capital Chair Professor of Entrepreneurship, CEIBS 

Mr. Lou Zhouren
President, CEIBS Alumni Auto Association

Dr. Snow Zhou
Assistant President, CEIBS


Mr. Chen Qingtai
Council Chairman, China EV100; former Party Chief and Deputy Director, Development Research Centre of the State Council

  Session One: Is the industry in control of its own destiny?

What will the impact of decarbonisation and digitalisation on future mobility be like and who will be in the driver's seat when it comes to shaping the future of mobility? What role will IT companies, telecoms, and others play in future mobility? How can global harmonisation drive more innovation in mobility solutions? When it comes to the customer and the regulator, do we listen to them or do they listen to us? Will we witness an offensive or defensive automotive industry regarding future mobility?

09:05 ~ 09:15

Mr. Xu Heyi
Chairman of the Board, BAIC Motor Corporation Limited
Chairman of the Board, BAIC Investment, Beijing Benz, Beijing Hyundai and BAIC Hong Kong.

09:15 ~ 09:25

Mr. Yuan Xiaolin
Senior Vice President; President & CEO, Asia Pacific, Volvo Cars Group

09:25 ~ 09:35

Mr. Zhou Xin
Vice President, NIO

09:35 ~ 09:45

Mr. Zhou Ping
Senior VP, Banma Network Technology Co., Ltd.; Vice Chair, CEIBS Alumni Automobile Industry Association and CEIBS Alumni Mobile Internet Association

09:45 ~ 09:55

Mr. Enno Tang
President and CEO, Continental China

09:55 ~ 10:55

Panel Discussion

Moderator: Mr. Ivan Hodac
Founder and President, Aspen Institute Prague

10:55 ~ 11:05

Coffee Break

Session Two: Future Mobility and New Modes of Transport

Are we now seeing the end of personal mobility and is shared mobility the way of the future? Is society ready to move into a new eco-mobility system? How can we deal with a multiplicity of technologies and who will set the standards? What will the impact on dealers be like and how will we sell cars in the future? Will we see different approaches taken in urban versus rural areas and how will the concept of public transport evolve? How will we address the mobility needs of future generations?  Are hyperloops and flying cars dreams or reality?

11:05 ~ 11:15

Mr. Xu Changming
Deputy Director, China Information Centre

11:15 ~ 11:25

Mr. Juraj Vaculik
CEO, Aeromobil, Slovakia

11:25 ~ 11:35

Mr. Chunyuan Gu
President Region Asia, Middle East, and Africa and Member of Group Executive Committee, ABB

11:35 ~ 11:45

Mr. Erik Jonnaert
Secretary General, European Automobile Manufacturers Association

11:45 ~ 12:30

Panel Discussion

Moderator: Prof. Pedro Nueno
President and Chengwei Capital Chair Professor of Entrepreneurship, CEIBS

12:30 ~ 13:30


Session Three: Transporting Goods – Co-modality or Modal Shift?

How do we cope with increases in road transport and what will its future role versus other modes of transportation be like? How can we better integrate various modes of transportation and will new mobility solutions contribute to this integration? Will there be an end to the growth of road infrastructure? What are some of the most promising technological developments in commercial vehicles? Is there a future for global and regional road transport and what regulatory obstacles need to disappear?

13:30 ~ 13:40

Mr. Torsten Klein
Senior VP, MAN

13:40 ~ 13:50

Mr. Yang Haifeng
General Manager of the Value Supply Chain Department, JD Logistics

13:50 ~ 14:00

Mr. Zhai Xuehun
Co-founder and CEO, G7

14:00 ~ 14:10

Mr. Richard Zhang
Chief Investing and Financing Officer, Full Truck Alliance Group
Executive President and Chief Financial Officer, Truck Alliance

14:10 ~ 14:20

Mr. Hyuk Joon Lee
Vice President, Hyundai Motor Group (China) Ltd.

14:20 ~ 15:05

Panel Discussion 

Moderator: Dr. Ma Hongman
Renowned Financial Host, Independent Financial Observer

15:05 ~ 15:15

Coffee Break

Session Four: Road Safety – The Impact of Interconnectedness and Self-Driving Vehicles

How will interconnected, automated, and clean vehicles improve road safety? Is zero accidents a possibility? Who is leading the race on innovation—China, Europe, the US, Japan, or somebody else? What role do/should regulators and international organisations play? What will the impact of digitalisation be on road transport safety? Will the existing integrated approach to road safety still be valid in the future?

15:15 ~ 15:25

Mr. Dong Yang
Executive Vice Chair, China Association of Automobile Manufactures

15:25 ~ 15:35

Matthew Baldwin
Deputy Director General, EU Commission

15:35 ~ 15:45

Prof. Zhu Xichan
Director of Automotive Safety Technology Research Institute of Tongji University

15:45 ~ 15:55

Dirk Wollschlaeger
IBM Global GM Auto Industry

15:55 ~ 16:40

Panel Discussion

Moderator: Mr. Ivan Hodac
Founder and President, Aspen Institute Prague

16:40 ~ 16:50

Closing Address

Prof. Pedro Nueno confirmed
President and Chengwei Capital Chair Professor of Entrepreneurship, CEIBS


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