Integrated China Strategy Project

Integrated China Strategy Project (ICSP)

The ICSP is a major part of the CEIBS MBA programme in which all second year students are required to participate. It is a high-level group consulting project which CEIBS MBA students undertake for CEIBS sponsor firms and others. Under the guidance of CEIBS senior faculty advisers, students work in teams to help companies to address important strategic issues from a new perspective and develop innovative, effective and practical solutions. It also provides students with insight into the realities of specific industries and specialisations that could help shape their career plans, and help them understand the unique challenges of operating in China's business environment

Typical Projects

  • Develop the entry strategy for a new market.
  • Evaluate business unit R&D portfolio.
  • Improve and expand supplier relationships.
  • Clarify competitive positioning for a business unit.
  • Recommend entry options into a new business sector.