Dual circulation still a top priority for China's development
In 2022, as growth of the global economy slowed, consumer spending also played a diminishing role as the bedrock for the China’s economy.
How can employees’ cultural background shape innovation in the workplace?
Innovation is crucial to practically all companies as they strive to remain successful and relevant in a hyper-competitive global business landscape.


2022-12-09 TO 2022-12-11
Beyond Borders Camp
With the global economy in flux, doing business ‘from China and with the world’ will place new pressures on what it means to be a responsible leader. Sign up via the link below to ensure you are on th…
The Evolving Role of MNCs in China: Challenges and Opportunities
We invite you to attend our Global EMBA Master Class in Suzhou on The Evolving Role of MNCs in China: Challenges and Opportunities on January 7, 2023.


Senior, seasoned and smart: Meet the GEMBA 2022 Class
The latest cohort to join the CEIBS Global EMBA (GEMBA) programme formally started their learning journey in late November with their opening module at our Shanghai campus! Read on for a introduction…
CEIBS in the News 2022
A rich variety of topics were on the agenda throughout the past year as CEIBS faculty helped international media make sense of the pressing Chinese business issues of the day.


Everything you need to get the most from your MBA internship

The prospect of interning during your MBA will likely be a far cry from any internship when you were first starting out on your career path.

Putting new power into public works

The electrification of automobiles is one of the most critical sustainability trends unfolding across the world today – but the clean energy revolution is also reaching into other areas, including the carbon-intensive business of public works projects. For Olivier Brault (Global EMBA 2019), this represents a sustainable growth market not to be missed. With graduation only a few months away, we spoke to the Canadian national about how it feels to be winding down his studies as his business venture – Gamotech – is ramping up.