If a magnificent future can only to be realised following a century’s endeavour, then CEIBS is already a quarter of the way there. The journey has been well worth it, as CEIBS has evolved into a world-class leading business school that ranks amongst the best in Asia. In its relentless pursuit of academic excellence, the school has made major contributions to China’s economic growth and integration with the rest of the world. It has also helped sow the seeds of faith and virtue in the business community, and inspired countless students to aim above and beyond business success.

CEIBS is now striving to establish itself as not only a leading global business school in China, but also as a vital bridge for facilitating economic and cultural exchange between China and Europe. Looking to the future, the school will continue to keep abreast of business practices in China, anticipate business trends, uphold academic rigor, and fulfill its social responsibility. In doing so, we hope to nurture more socially responsible business leaders, and to develop a wealth of knowledge, talent and wisdom to contribute to China’s economic development and global reach.

Together with our Chinese and European partners, we will continue our efforts to take CEIBS to an even higher level!

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