Class Profile: A Diverse and Dynamic Community at CEIBS 

Welcome to the "Class Profile" page of CEIBS MBA, where you can discover the vibrant tapestry of our 16-month MBA programme. Our class profile isn’t just a set of statistics; it represents a dynamic and diverse community of individuals who transform their lives and careers through our rigorous and enriching curriculum. 

Embrace Diversity, Foster Lifelong Connections 

At CEIBS, you join a student body that spans over 16 countries and regions – the most diverse of any business school in mainland China. We have a rich mix of cultures, experiences, and perspectives that shape our learning environment. 

Beyond Academics: Building a Supportive Community 

Our MBA journey is about more than academic excellence. It's about the relationships you build and the personal growth you experience. Here, learning transcends the traditional classroom setting, enriched by the wealth of experience and insights your classmates bring. You'll not only acquire knowledge but also cultivate lasting friendships in a stimulating and truly global environment. 

Holistic Selection for a Unique Learning Experience 

Our rigorous selection process is designed to bring together a community of exceptional individuals, recognised for their career achievements and personal accomplishments. Our students stand out for their intelligence, ambition, and a shared set of values and soft skills crucial for thriving in the challenging yet rewarding MBA environment. 

Ethics and Respect: Core Values at CEIBS 

Strong ethics and respect for others form the cornerstone of our community. At CEIBS, we believe these qualities are as vital as conscientiousness and achievement. Our commitment to fostering these values ensures that our graduates emerge as well-rounded, responsible leaders ready to make a positive impact in the business world. 

Graphic of CEIBS Class Profile