Cham Zhong

Vice President, Tencent; CEIBS Alumnus


Cham Zhong joined Tencent in July 2004 and is currently Vice President of Tencent.

He established the Wireless R&D Department of Tencent MIG (Mobile Internet Group), which rode the wave of the mobile Internet by incubating the mobile QQ browser and building it into a leader in the mobile browser market. 

To embrace the era of industrial Internet, Mr. Zhong is now leading relevant businesses at Tencent, including Tencent Intelligence Mobility, 5G Technology Application and AI Platform, to support and facilitate the industrial transformation and upgrading.

As head of Tencent Intelligence Mobility (TIM) and AI Platform businesses, he is in charge of Tencent Maps, Tencent Auto Intelligence, Tencent Autonomous Vehicle, Tencent Location-based Services, Tencent Cloud Xiaowei and Tencent AI Translation teams. Under his leadership, the teams are now on the leading edge of such fields as intelligent connected vehicle solutions, autonomous vehicle technologies, high-precision maps and simulation platforms, and have conducted extensive research on speech, semantics and image recognition.