Employee creativity can be a double-edged sword: How creativity affects employees’ ethical behaviour
Creativity is essential in all forms of business. No organisation can hope to survive without actively seeking out individuals whose ability to think unconventionally helps them to solve problems and…
Peer mentoring complements great leaders and buffers weak leaders
In any fair-minded, progressive workplace, leaders aim to avoid favouritism. Their stated agenda is to give everyone within their working environment the same treatment – the same access to support, a…


2022-09-30 TO 2022-10-01
CEIBS Alumni Workshop Series (Paris): Leading High-Performance Teams and Cultures
Join us in Paris, France on September 30 and October 1, 2022 for this exclusive workshop on Leading High-Performance Teams and Cultures hosted by CEIBS Zurich Campus CEO Dr. Robert Straw and Lisa Bevi…
CEIBS MBA Coffee Chat in Amsterdam
Have a coffee, on us, in Amsterdam on October 12 and speak with CEIBS admissions and alumni managers about our full-time English-language MBA programme and learn about the impact a CEIBS ‘China Depth,…


Greater resilience needed to thrive in an unpredictable future
In an increasingly volatile world deluged by uncertainty, resilience is the new growth strategy, former HP Global Futurist and Rouge Waves author Jonathan Brill told an audience during a recent webina…
Navigating the rapids with courage and commitment
In celebration of Teachers’ Day and Mid-Autumn Festival (which have fallen on the same day this year), I would like to wish everyone in the education field joy and happiness.


Everything you need to get the most from your MBA internship

The prospect of interning during your MBA will likely be a far cry from any internship when you were first starting out on your career path.

Putting new power into public works

The electrification of automobiles is one of the most critical sustainability trends unfolding across the world today – but the clean energy revolution is also reaching into other areas, including the carbon-intensive business of public works projects. For Olivier Brault (Global EMBA 2019), this represents a sustainable growth market not to be missed. With graduation only a few months away, we spoke to the Canadian national about how it feels to be winding down his studies as his business venture – Gamotech – is ramping up.