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Thursday, April 11, 2019

CEIBS Africa Visits Chinese Envoy in Abidjan

April 11, 2019. Abidjan – A delegation from CEIBS Africa together with leaders of the CEIBS Alumni Association Francophone Chapter (CAFAC) paid a courtesy call today to Her Excellency Madam Qian Lixia, Premier Counsellor and Acting Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Ivory Coast at the Chinese Embassy in Abidjan.

The visit was made to formally introduce CEIBS and its operations in Africa, but more specifically to ask for the support of Madam Lixia in reaching out to Chinese enterprises in Ivory Coast to participate in activities initiated by CEIBS in the country.

Madam Lixia explained that there is strong cooperation between China and Ivory Coast in the area of economic development. She was also optimistic that China has rich experience in business education that it can share with Ivory Coast and the rest of Africa. She lauded CEIBS for its efforts in trying to share these experiences with leaders in Africa.

“CEIBS is in a very unique position to connect China and Africa and it is very significant that a global business school with roots in China has not just set up in English-speaking Africa, but is now looking to Francophone Africa,” she said. “Ivory Coast is a very good choice for this vision and I can assure you of the embassy’s full support.”

Madam Lixia also encouraged CEIBS to ensure that it visits Chinese enterprises in Ivory Coast to understand their needs so that it could deliver to them tailor-made programmes to help them operate successfully in the country.

CEIBS Africa Executive Director Professor Mathew Tsamenyi expressed delight at the warm welcome from Madam Lixia and promised to get started immediately.

“We’re happy about your decision to work with us,” he said. “We will begin by organising a forum for Chinese companies in Ivory Coast on understanding the local economy and we hope you will be with us every step of the way. We will invite our alumni to this event so that they can network and build business relationships with their Chinese counterparts.”

Professor Mathew then took the opportunity to introduce the alumni chapter and their activities in French Africa to Madam Lixia and called for them to be granted audience anytime they called on the embassy.

Other members of the CEIBS delegation were Mr. Samuel Ocloo-Dzaba, Alumni and Corporate Relations Manager; Ms. Cassie Xu, China Africa Relations Executive; Madam Michele Feze, President of CAFAC; Mr. Antoine Anney, Vice President of CAFAC; and Mr. Hamma Ahmadou Salif N’diaye, Secretary General of CAFAC.

Samuel Ocloo-Dzaba
Michael D. Thede