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Monday, November 25, 2019

CEIBS, Stanbic Bank Ghana Launch Executive Programme in Strategic Business Advisory and Leadership

November 25, 2019. Accra – CEIBS and Stanbic Bank Ghana have launched an executive programme to strengthen the bank's key accounts team to help meet its strategic goals.

The Stanbic Bank Ghana Strategic Business Advisory Leadership Programme (SBALP) consists of four-modules, with the first three modules spanning four days, including one day of coaching. The fourth module will be held at CEIBS’ campus in Shanghai over a five day period.

At the end of this immersive experience, each team will execute a strategic business advisory engagement plan for a key client.

Professor Mathew Tsamenyi, Executive Director of CEIBS Africa, expressed his delight at the launch of the programme and urged participants to seize the opportunity.

“Here we have a serious academic environment and we are very professional. I particularly entreat you to be diligent with your time, so that you can make the best of the programme,” he said.

Prof. Tsamenyi also announced that, as part of the agreement with Stanbic Bank Ghana, participants can take the “Game Changing Leadership for Dynamic Times” module – part of the CEIBS Advanced Management Programme (AMP) – and qualify as alumni.

The Chief Executive of Stanbic Bank Ghana, Mr. Alhassan Andani, spoke on the changing nature of today’s competitive market and how important it is for the bank and its staff to undergo transformational change.

“There are times in everybody’s life, including institutions, when you have to change, and we have been having very serious conversations around where we go as a bank. Banking services have remained virtually the same, but the speed of delivering these services has changed considerably,” he said. “As we move into the fourth industrial estate, businesses and individuals are going to clash. Today, for example, most of the money transfers in Ghana are done by telcos, not banks. There is going to be a massive spark and we are not talking ten years from now – we are talking now.”

Mr. Andani also stressed the bank wants its staff to move from transactional to advisory roles, and that this is a key reason for rolling out the programme. “Our desire is to see [our employees] transform from managers into leaders. This programme is to transform [our employees] to become part of this VUCA world and to give you the opportunity to be part of the future,” he said.

Head of Training and Development at Stanbic Bank Ghana, Mrs. Ivy Mawuko, put emphasis on the bank’s ethos of delivering superior value to its clients. She called on her colleagues to centre everything they do at the bank around the customer, and noted that the idea for the programme came about as a result of the bank’s need to equip its workforce to become business advisors.

“We want our clients to feel confident in that any time they are engaging with us they will receive superior value,” she said. “Even on occasions when individuals are relying on services from other banks – and not us – they should still feel free to come to us for advice. This is how we can earn a position as a trusted advisor to the customer.”

Mrs. Mawuko also advised participants open up and learn lessons to take with them through life. “The programme is not an event – it is a self-reflection journey. So, every day of your life, even after the programme, you should be conscious that you have embarked on a journey that really is a continuous process.”

Mrs. Ama Amissah Wujangi, Relationship Manager, Commercial Banking, added that she is hopeful that the programme will transform her and make her more valuable.

“My expectation is that at the end of this programme we will be equipped with greater emotional intelligence and the foresight to become business advisors to our clients,” she said.

Mr. Daniel Adjeivi, Business Analyst, Wealth and Investment, also shared his expectations for the programme.

“Looking at the trend of businesses in this modern era, the programme promises to be exciting. I’m looking forward to the modern techniques and learning that will help me make significant contributions throughout the transformational journey that Stanbic is embarking on,” he said. “I pledge my full commitment and promise to be an ambassador for this programme.”

Other leading executives of the bank who were present at the launch were Mr. Nana Benneh, Head, Personal and Business Banking; Mr. John Prempeh, Head, Integrated Financial Services; Dr. Joyce Dadzie, Head, Client Centricity; Mr. Victor Yeboah Manu, Chief Finance Officer; and Mr. Emmanuel Martey, Head, IT.

The first module of the programme commences on December 2, 2019.

Samuel Ocloo-Dzaba
Cameron Wilson