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Sunday, January 27, 2019

CEIBS GEMBAs Explore Ghana during Overseas Module

January 27, 2019. Accra, Ghana — Students doing the CEIBS Global EMBA 2018 Double Module Track (DMT) recently explored Ghana as part of their first overseas module outside China. The group engaged in many activities over the course of a 9-day period that had them unearthing important lessons about Ghana’s economy, history, and culture as part of a dual module on Financial Reporting and Economics Analysis for Managers.

First, participants visited the Ghana Stock Exchange. They were received by Deputy Managing Director Mr. Ekow Afedzie, who guided them on a tour of the stock exchange floor and walked them through some of the exchange’s trading activities. Mr. Afedzie also discussed some of challenges facing the GSE. Students then worked in teams to come up with solutions, which they submitted to GSE management in the form of a video pitch. The visit afforded participants the opportunity to gain insights into the local financial system and the role of the stock exchange. The visit also helped the students gain a better understanding of some of the important regulations at work when it comes to financial reporting.

The GEMBAs also paid a visit to the Cocoa Research Institute in order to study the cocoa value chain. Along the way, they received insights into the history and cultivation of cocoa and other cash crops, such as coffee, kola, cashew, and Shea butter. They also learnt about some of the scientific and innovative processes being adopted to develop several bi-products from cocoa beans. Finally, students took a tour of the cocoa plantation, where they got a hands-on experience of the operation.

Following their trip to the Cocoa Research Institute, the group stopped at Bunso Arboretum, where they were introduced to Ghana’s vast array of flora and fauna and enjoyed a fun and exciting canopy walk. A tour of the arboretum also revealed some very old trees, some as old as 200 years.

Students also had the opportunity to meet with local alumni during a cocktail party hosted at the CEIBS Accra Campus. The event provided both students and alumni with an opportunity to exchange stories and share ideas. Both groups also participated in a football match, which featured plenty of goals. In the end, the home team triumphed over the visitors by a score of 7:1. Finally, a fun-filled New Year’s party capped their visit on the last day of class.

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Samuel Ocloo-Dzaba
Michael D. Thede, Charmaine N. Clarke