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Friday, March 23, 2018

CEIBS Hosts 1st Event in Cote D’Ivoire

March 20, 2018. Cote D’Ivoire – CEIBS today organised its first ever event in Cote D’Ivoire, with Vice President & Dean Professor Ding Yuan speaking on the timely topic of ‘Belt and Road Initiative (BRI): Origins and Opportunities’. The event, part of the school’s ongoing 1+1 lecture series, was held at Azalai Hotel in Abidjan. It was also an opportunity for CEIBS alumni from Francophone Africa to gather together, and network with guests interested in the topic of the lecture, CEIBS and its programmes.

Delivering his speech in French and responding to questions in English, Dean Ding looked at investment opportunities available through the BRI. He addressed scepticism surrounding the initiative in some quarters and stressed the opportunities it brings for those who embrace it. His message was simple, “The Belt and Road Initiative is not just about China driving, it’s about China being a facilitator of global trade.” The Belt and Road Initiative, he said:
- Bridges the perspectives of developing and advanced economies
- Has all parties benefiting from lower transit costs/standard services
- Unlocks key markets in Southeast, South & Central Asia, Central & Eastern Europe and Africa
- Boosts the flow of trade, capital and goods.

At the end of the evening, many participants urged CEIBS to offer more seminars of this kind. 


Samuel Ocloo Dzaba