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Friday, December 21, 2018

Article by CEIBS Profs Ranks among Year’s Best

December 21, 2018. Shanghai – An article co-authored by CEIBS Associate Professor of Management Daniel Han Ming Chng and Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management Department Chair, Philips Chair in Management, and Professor of Management Tae-Yeol Kim has been cited as one of 2018’s best by MIT Sloan Management Review. This year’s best articles list highlights the pace at which the new digital economy is developing and how new technology is transforming the way we manage, organise, and work.

Entitled Why People Believe in Their Leaders — or Not, Prof. Chng and Prof. Kim’s article looks at what causes leaders to gain or lose credibility and what can be done to get it back. They write that the credibility of leaders hinges on perceptions of both competence and trustworthiness. In turn, these perceptions are formed through direct and indirect observations of a leader’s work and performance. Furthermore, in a digital age where vast amounts of information about people can be captured and scrutinized, they argue, these perceptions have taken on significant importance.

In addition to conducting research, Prof. Chng teaches strategic management, organisational turnaround, global strategy, organisational theory and design, managerial decision making, and strategic consulting. He is also interested in organisational and managerial strategic behaviours during situations adversity and understanding how organisations respond to the challenges of failure or the threat of failure. To learn more about his work, visit his CEIBS faculty profile here.

In his work at CEIBS, Prof. Kim focuses mainly on organisational justice, cross-cultural psychology, creativity, leadership, proactivity, and person-environment fit. He has received numerous research awards and his work has appeared in dozens of international publications. For more information about his work, visit his CEIBS faculty profile here.

Why People Believe in Their Leaders — or Not originally appeared as a research feature in the Fall 2018 issue of MIT Sloan Management Review and was written along with Colorado State University-Pueblo Hasan School of Business Professor of Management Brad Gilbreath and Temple University Fox School of Business Associate Professor of Human Resource Management Lynne Andersson. Read it online here.

Michael D. Thede