Another Reason to Love CEIBS

Since last October, I have been very fortunate to have Mr. Lu Zhu Wei as my guiding companion. Like me, I believe that my fellow students are filled with gratitude for their mentors.

I especially like the mentoring programme’s Chinese name, Liang Shi Yi You, which means good teachers and helpful friends. This phrase perfectly summarizes my gains over the past eight months. The mentors used their diverse experience and endless patience to help us solve our problems and share our ideas. I was particularly impressed with the trend, market, and business analysis approach that my mentor Mr. Lu shared with me. Through these three lenses, one can often discover the key to understanding many business challenges.

In addition, the mentors have devoted many hours to organizing various sharing sessions to broaden our perspectives in our industries. For example, from an exchange programme organized by Mr. Lu, I learned about the production modes of Industry 4.0.

Though they have the title of mentor many also ended up becoming our friends. I very much enjoy discussing ideas and stories with Mr. Lu and other students. For example, at the beginning of June, Mr. Lu invited the president of ITO, a renowned travel gear company in China, to meet us. We enjoyed a lively discussion with him and inspired each other with some new ideas. Through various activities and communications, we bonded and got to know each other better.

Even though the programme has ended, I know the friendship we developed over the eight months will last. I would like to say thank you to my dear mentor; you have given me another reason to love CEIBS.

Author: MBA2018 Chris Pang