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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

CEIBS Team Tops Category in EFMD Case Writing Competition

June 2, 2020. Shanghai – A team consisting of CEIBS Professor Daniel Han Ming Chng, Xin (Cynthia) Pi, and Liman Zhao was today awarded the top prize in the category of Responsible Business in the 2019 EFMD Case Writing Competition.

The case, entitled Voles System’s Bribery Accusations in China, explores corporate governance and responsible management in emerging markets by examining the bribery accusations and subsequent investigations at the Chinese subsidiary of a disguised US public-listed company. The case was also a Nominated Award winner in the 2019 Global Contest for the Best China-Focused Cases.

As Prof. Chng explains, while there are numerous cases about MNCs operating overseas, there are very few about the dark side of international business, despite the fact that many companies continue to struggle to implement effective corporate governance practices.

“Our case illustrates the governance challenges of MNCs operating in a fast-growing emerging market like China,” he says. “[These are markets] where institutions are not only underdeveloped but also substantively different and where MNCs’ strategic imperatives can often create governance problems.”

The EFMD Case Writing Competition is an annual competition which rewards innovative and impactful case writing and teaching in across more than a dozen categories in management development.

“We hope that our case will help business educators and students understand the importance of corporate governance and become more responsible business leaders,” Prof. Chng says.

Prof. Chng is an Associate Professor of Management at CEIBS. He teaches strategy-related courses to MBA students and executives throughout Asia, North America, Europe, and Africa. His research focuses on how organisations and managers response to today’s digital environment, and his work has been published in a variety of international journals. For more on his teaching and research interests, please visit his faculty profile here.

Dr. Xin (Cynthia) Pi is a secretary and research assistant to the President of CEIBS. She supports the President in academic research, including courses, reports and projects, as well as in administrative affairs; prior to which, she was a case writer at the CEIBS Case Centre.

Dr. Liman Zhao is a Senior Case Writer and Case Development Manager at CEIBS. She has over 30 teaching cases published in numerous top collections, including IVEY, Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies collection, and http://www.ChinaCases.Org. Her teaching cases has won multiple awards at international case competitions.

For the complete list of winners from the 2019 EFMD Case Writing Competition, please visit the EFMD’s website here.

Michael Thede