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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

List of Most Cited Chinese Researchers 2018 Announced

~ CEIBS Shines in Fields of Business, Management & Accounting for Fifth Consecutive Year

February 20, 2019. Shanghai – Nine CEIBS faculty members have made the latest (2018) list of the Most Cited Chinese Researchers, released by academic publishing giant Elsevier on January 17, 2019.  This is the fifth consecutive year in which CEIBS has featured prominently in the category of Business, Management and Accounting, solidifying its reputation in the area of academic research.

A total of 1,899 scholars were selected for inclusion on the entire list. Among them, 35 professors from 16 universities in the fields of Business, Management and Accounting were selected, including from China Europe International Business School:
Professors of Accounting Charles Chen and Ding Yuan,
Professor of Management Tae-Yeol Kim,
Professor of Economics Bala Ramasamy,
Professor of Management Katherine Xin, and
Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management Zhao Xiande.

Professor Ding Yuan is Vice President and Dean, Cathay Capital Chair Professor in Accounting at CEIBS. His research focuses on intangible assets, international accounting coordination, earnings management and accounting fraud, corporate governance, listing issues, overseas investment, etc. His research results have been published in Journal of Accounting, Organization and Society, Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, European Accounting Review and other well-known journals.

Professor Tae-Yeol Kim's research areas include organizational justice, cross-cultural psychology, creativity, leadership, employee initiative, and relationship of people and environment. He has won numerous awards in research and teaching, including CEIBS Research Excellence Award in 2017, Reviewer of the Year, Human Relations (2017), Emerald Citations of Excellence in 2015 and 2016, and one of the most downloaded scholars in Routledge Behavioural Science Journals.

Professor Charles Chen’s research focuses on accounting and auditing issues in the Chinese and international accounting professions. He has written extensively, and his articles have been published in leading academic journals such as Contemporary Accounting Research, International Business Research Journal, and Audit: Practice and Theory.

Professor Bala Ramasamy's research interests include Asian regional economy, foreign direct investment, corporate social responsibility, and international business strategy. His research results have been published in academic journals such as International Banking Marketing Journal, Asia-Pacific Economic Journal, Journal of Applied Economics, Journal of Business Research and Journal of Technical Education.

Professor Katherine Xin's research topics include leadership, organizational culture, change management, and strategic human resource management. Her research has been published in leading international management journals such as the Journal of the American Management Society, Quarterly Journal of Administrative Science, Organizational Science, Journal of Strategic Management, Organizational Research, Journal of Management, and Quarterly Journal of The Art of Leadership.

Professor Zhao Xiande's research areas include operations management and supply chain management. His research focuses on supply chain integration and innovation, web-based services and business model innovation, supply chain finance, digital supply chains, big data-based supply chains and logistics decision-making optimization. In the past five years, he has published three important monographs: "Platform-Based Business Model Innovation and Service Design", "Global Supply Chain Quality Management" and "International Operations Management: Experience in the Global Market (English)". In addition, he has published about 150 papers in academic journals such as Operation Management Journal, Consumer Research Journal, Production and Operations Management, European Operations Research Journal, and International Production Research Journal. He has made the Elsevier list several times (in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017). Professor Zhao has also received numerous academic honours including the Jack Meredith Best Paper Award (2015) by Operation Management Journal and CEIBS Award for Excellence in Research (2015, 2016).

About Elsevier

Elsevier's Scopus database is the world's largest database of abstracts and citations, with more than 20,000 peer-reviewed journals, including more than 500 Chinese journals. The 2018 Chinese Most Cited Researchers List uses the methods and standards developed by ShanghaiRanking Consultancy Co., Ltd. to systematically analyze the influence of Chinese researchers on the world based on objective citation data. Elsevier's Scopus database provides data support and technical implementation for this list of studies.

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