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Monday, September 3, 2018

CEIBS Teams Dominate 2018 CEEMAN and Emerald Case Writing Competition

September 3, 2018. Shanghai – Case studies by a pair of teams from CEIBS have taken two of the top three spots at the 2018 CEEMAN and Emerald Case Writing Competition. “WinChannel's Digital Gambit to Revitalize Rural China” by CEIBS Associate Professor of Management Daniel Han Ming Chng and Associate Professor of Strategy Peter Moran has been declared the overall winner while “Advantech: Evolution of Its IoT Ecosystem Strategy” by CEIBS Lecturer of Strategy Guo (Ginkgo) Bai and MBA2019 student Zhenrong (Edison) Wang has been named second runner-up (third place overall). Both papers were co-authored by CEIBS case writer Dr. Liman Zhao.

The annual competition is designed to promote the development of high-quality teaching case material with an emphasis on developing and emerging markets. Winners are selected through a process of peer evaluation and submissions must take the form of teaching cases based on a real situation in a real company involving a clear decision-making situation. In winning the awards, the CEIBS cases beat out more than three dozen other cases submitted from 17 countries and regions around the world.

This is the 24th year the awards have been given out and the first time two CEIBS case studies have finished in the top three positions at an international case writing competition. Prizes are slated to be handed out on September 21, 2018 as part of the 26th CEEMAN Annual Conference Award Ceremony in Prague, Czech Republic.

Both of the winning cases were produced with the support of the CEIBS Case Centre and will be used as part of the CEIBS Real Situation Learning Method (RSLM). The RSLM approach to teaching was developed to promote more effective engagement between professors, students, and business practitioners through the integration of theory and practice, “listening” (classroom teaching) and “seeing” (company visits), to create opportunities for direct communication between students and industry experts leading to more effective learning outcomes.

Dr. Chng has taught strategic management, corporate turnaround, global strategy, organisational theory and design, managerial decision making, and strategic consulting to both MBA students, managers, and top executives throughout Asia. His research focuses on organisational and managerial strategic behaviours during disruptive changes and strives to advance our understanding of how organisations and managers response to the challenges of disruption in today’s digital environment. His work has been published in a variety of international journals. Learn more about Dr. Chng’s academic accomplishments from his CEIBS faculty profile here.

Dr. Moran has taught courses in strategy, general management, and strategic problem solving at both MBA and EMBA levels. His research focuses on the mechanisms of value creation and how they are influenced by firms’ and managers’ social networks. His interests include the role firms play in influencing both individuals’ access to ideas and resources through their social relations, how resources are valued, exchanged, and combined, and how firms shape the evolution of the market’s forces. His work has appeared in numerous top-tier journals around the world. Learn more about Dr. Moran’s teaching interests and other awards and honours from his CEIBS faculty profile here.

Dr. Bai’s research focuses primarily on governance design, digital economy, adaptive efficiency, and collective creativity. Along with Prof. Michel Aglietta, she has also co-authored a book entitled China’s Development: Capitalism and Empire. Her work has been covered by major news outlets such as Le Monde, Le Figaro, Les Échos, and others. Learn more about Dr. Guo’s work from her CEIBS faculty profile here.

Dr. Zhao is a case writer at CEIBS Case Centre. Her research interests focus on social and international entrepreneurship and the design of innovative business models. In collaboration with CEIBS faculty members, she has developed nearly 50 teaching cases, among which over 20 have been published by IVEY, Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies, and www.ChinaCases.org.

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Charmaine N. Clarke