Chief Marketing Officer Programme: A New Perspective of Marketing (Modular)

Start DateJuly 4 pm, 2018
Venue: Shanghai/Beijing
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Partly Chinese, partly English with sequential Chinese interpretation
Programme Fee: 
RMB 198,000

Programme Fee includes tuition, case licensing fees, lunches, stationery, other course materials, interpretation and translation fees if required, and accommodations in Shanghai. The full fee must be paid within two weeks upon receipt of the payment notice. Applications made within 30 days of the start of a programme require immediate payment. CEIBS reserves the right to amend information on this programme including price, discount, date, location, faculty, daily schedule and other details.


As a right-arm of CEO, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is facing much more complicated challenges and changes than any other executives. First, the Internet explosion has resulted in brand new operation and communication models; second, as the consumers are becoming increasingly more sophisticated, CMO has to keep exploring their needs and bahaviour patterns; last, with the bottom-line pressure in horizon, CMO needs to make more sensible decision on every marketing effort and keep a keen eye on the input-output ratio. Only those who can sweep away all obstacles in the changing climate can lead their companies away from the bottom of Smiling Curve and to greater success in marketing.


This programme aims to share with participants the cutting-edge research findings and ideas about marketing and related areas, analyse various challenges CMOs are facing today, and help them identify market dynamics from a broader perspective, make and rectify marketing strategies, therefore creating more value for their companies. 


This programme is specially designed for the top decision makers who are responsible for marketing. At least eight years of management in marketing and basic marketing knowledge are required. The typical participants include Chief Marketing Officer, vice president of marketing, marketing director and head of marketing function.

Comments From Participants

I’m so glad to have attended CEIBS CMO programme. It helped me update the professional knowledge in a systematic way, have a global outlook, and think at a higher level. I enjoyed engaging in discussion with my fellow participants from different industries, because I learnt something different from them. It's been very enlightening! 

Micheal Miu 
Chairman&General Manager 
Easi (Zhuhai) Co Ltd

CEIBS CMO programme creates a completely new learning and communication platform for China’s marketing professionals. CEIBS took the first to offer such unprecedented training in China. The great beginning highlights the importance of professional marketing in modern enterprises.    

Wendy Huang 
Vice GM 
Jasonwood Jeans Co Ltd


With world-class faculty and cases, CEIBS is a great place where you can always find answers and solutions to your real-life problems. The CMO programme provided me with new theories and frameworks, and enabled me to think outside the box, understand the value of marketing and make friends with like-minded people. Thanks to this programme, we’ve understood the real mission of C-suite executives. 

Cai Xiujun 
Vice President 
Joyoung Company Limited


CEIBS CMO programme boasts systematic knowledge, world-class teaching materials and cases, renowned faculty and excellent participants from China’s marketing community. Thanks to the 5-month learning experience, the participants have learnt to see and think things from new perspectives and adopt new strategies in their businesses. This is why CEIBS is so attractive and able to create value for participants. CEIBS CMO programme provides a platform for Chinese marketers to learn, network and go global.   

Chen Hao 
Vice President, Sales 
Ningbo Fotile Kitchen Ware Co Ltd


This programme will help participants:

  • Focus not only on the latest academic research findings in marketing, but also on psychology, economics and other disciplines to develop a cross-discipline knowledge integration and upgrade
  • Learn from the best practices in various industries, broaden horizons, and think in new ways
  • Explore the current dilemmas and seek innovative solutions with marketing elites
  • Develop a vertical extension in marketing techniques, and be aware of and enhance their own leadership
  • Utilise new marketing tools and concepts to analyse customer behaviours and needs, and exploit potential marketing opportunities in order to achieve a sustainable business growth
  • Dispel some traditional myths about marketing, and make more sensible decisions about marketing
  • Have membership in the CEIBS alumni association


Pre-module (optional): Marketing Essentials (July 12, 2017, Shanghai)

The one-day module will offer an overview of fundamental concepts and tools in the field of marketing, helping the participants to have an in-depth understanding and complete mastery of the key concepts and processes in marketing management, expounding the responsibilities of marketing managers, and thus paving the way for the understanding of the leading-edge knowledge in the following 4 modules. Participants are expected to decide whether to attend this module on the basis of their own needs.

  • Strategic decision in marketing
  • Tactical decision in marketing

Module 1: Strategic Customer Insight: From A Perspective of Behavioural Economics (July 13-15, 2017, Shanghai)

Most marketing breakthroughs originate from a unique ‘insight’ – the identification of an unmet need in the market, or a superior capability in adopting customers’ perspective and making that the platform for marketing strategy. As customers grow more powerful and less predictable, how to help customers perceive the product differentiation physically or psychologically? It is vital for CMOs to ensure that their strategy and marketing operations are built upon customer insight. This module will explore how to apply the latest findings in behavioural economics and psychology to marketing, how to use new marketing research tools to develop a better understanding of customers, rethink customer demand and behaviour patterns and identify new customer needs, therefore creating new growth points. It will also elaborate on the significant role of big data in identifying customer insight. It focuses on:

  • Gaining Profound Insights into Customer
  • Marketing Clinic: Customer Insight
  • Developing a Customer-Driven Positioning Strategy
  • Marketing Clinic: Positioning Strategy
  • Consistency and Enhancement of Brand Identity
  • Marketing Clinic: Brand Identity
  • The Art and Science of Marketing Psychology
  • Big Data and Customer Insight

Module 2: New Ideas on Marketing: Unconventional” Marketing(August 20-22, 2017, Shanghai)

Experience is a two-edged sword. Although we can learn from past success, it will also hinder our thinking and progress, when it becomes a stereotype. This module will challenge the participants’ conventional wisdom and introduce some unconventional marketing approaches to broaden their perspectives in marketing through a couple of cases studies. It deals with the following questions:

  • In terms of positioning, the conventional wisdom tells us to look for it within one category, but can we consider a “disruptive” positioning?
  • In terms of branding, the conventional wisdom tells us to keep consistency and sustainability, but can we consider a “popular brand marketing strategy” for those short-life-cycle products or services?

Module 3: Capturing Value from Customers: Keys to a Successful Monetization Strategy (September 14-16, 2017, Shanghai)

Pricing is an area of business that senior managers and aspiring entrepreneurs alike seldom talk about with enthusiasm. In fact, although most businesspeople understand that pricing decisions can truly make or break a company’s bottom line, they tend to tackle today’s demanding markets without the aid of a carefully crafted strategy. As a result, pricing policies are little more than collections of tactics held together by questionable assumptions and crude heuristics that, in many circumstances, put financial and brand health in jeopardy. In this module, participants will explore below issues on pricing:

  • Price and pricing strategy
  • Revenue models
  • Pricing models
  • The economics of price
  • The psychology and sociology of price
  • An analysis of fixed profit
  • Creating, communicating, and acquiring value
  • Improving customer value
  • Differentiated pricing
  • Price promotions and brands
  • Price competition

Module 4: Latest Research Findings and Their Application (November 6-8, 2017, Beijing)

This module will introduce the latest research findings in the field of international marketing study, focusing on the theoretical studies on emerging marketing concepts and marketing models, as well as the latest findings from the dada analysis of corporate practice. It focuses on:

  • Innovative marketing models
    • Probabilistic goods
    • Probabilistic selling
    • Group buying
    • Collaborative consumption
    • Social commerce
    • Contract-based e-commerce
  • Marketing Strategies for online-retailing
    • Strategic differences between online retailing and retailing through physical stores
    • Selection of target customers for online stores
    • Product portfolio of online stores
    • Dynamic pricing of online stores
  • Social interaction and online marketing strategies
  • Internet and new advertising models
    • Performance-based advertising
    • Advertising in social games
  • Peculiarity of service market as well as service marketing strategy
  • Implications of corporate marketing activities on shareholders’ value

Module 5: Digital Marketing in Practice (December 3-5, 2017, Shanghai)

“We are all engaged in digital marketing.” In the rough and vast digital ocean, everyone needs a compass to tackle new challenges: digital innovation, precision targeting, mobile marketing, social marketing, content marketing, programmatic buying, big data application, and integration of mobile, social networking and e-commerce, and ROI of digital marketing…The module will probe into the opportunities and challenges for companies in the digital times:

  • How should companies react to the evolving new media?
  • How should CMO carry out smarter marketing through the digital marketing platform?
  • How should companies enhance consumer engagement through digital media channels?
  • How applicable is programmatic buying? What are the challenges for brand programming?
  • How should companies carry out word-of-mouth marketing through social media to build corporate brands?
  • Can digital marketing be quantified?
  • In order to succeed in digital marketing, what are the mistakes to avoid?

The module will not only analyze the new marketing challenges from a theoretical perspective, but also invite industrial professionals to explore with you the best marketing practices in the digital times.

Module 6 (Elective)

CMO is not only the core leader of marketing function, but also a preacher to communicate marketing concepts and the voice of customers across the company to make every employee and every function understand customer needs so that they can take initiative to work with marketing function. They also need to help top management (including CEO, CFO, etc) use customers’ language to describe their business objectives. All these require CMOs to develop excellent communication skills and influence, which is a leadership challenge for CMOs. Therefore, this programme includes an optional module which covers core topics like marketing, strategy, finance, etc. Participants are allowed to, based on their own needs, choose from a range of open-enrollment programmes at CEIBS as follows:

    • Developing a Strategic Mindset
    • Strategy Execution New
    • Platform Strategy and Transformation
    • Game Theory in Practice: How to Compete and Cooperate More Effectively?
    • New Perspectives on Strategy in an Ever-Changing World
    • Integrating and Managing Acquisitions
    • Innovation Strategy and Internet Impact
    • Developing Innovative Organisation
    • Making Transformation Happen
    • The Psychology of Coaching Teams and Leading Organisation
    • High Performance and Sustainable Leadership
    • Women in Leadership Programme
    • Strategic Negotiation Programme
    • Managerial Psychology in Practice
    • Human Resources Management: Psychology, Human Nature and Culture
    • Talent Management Programme
    • Key Account Management
    • Strategic Sales Forces Management
    • Finance for Non-financial Executives
    • Managing Strategic Investment Decisions
    • Supply Chain & Business Module Innovation in the Age of Internet New

Brainstorming Workshop

In order to combine learning with practice, this programme also includes a brainstorming workshop on marketing in one of the nights in some modules. We will discuss the typical challenges and hot topics to seek constructive and innovative solutions. 

Programme Director

Professor Wang Gao

Admissions Procedures

Applications are requested at least 30 days before the programme start date. Applications are reviewed as they arrive and admissions are subject to the final confirmation of CEIBS. Any applications received after that date will be considered on the basis of space availability. For more information, please contact our Customer Service Team in Shanghai, Beijing or Shenzhen.


Any cancellation made 30 days or more prior to the programme start date is eligible for a full refund of programme fees paid. However, the expenses arising therefrom shall be for the account of the applicant or his/her employer. Any cancellation made less than 30 days prior to the programme start date shall be subject to a fee of 20 percent of the total programme fee. After the programme starts, no fees shall be refunded for participants who withdraw from the programme for any reason.

To ensure the continuity of your learning, you are required to make proper arrangements according to the course schedule after receiving your letter of enrollment. We will neither make up lessons for you nor confer you with the certificate of completion if you are absent from the course for personal reasons. CEIBS reserves the right to amend information on this programme including price, discount, date, location, faculty, daily schedule and other details.

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