Responsible Career Development Guidance

MBA05 Candidate: David Du
Mentor: Ren Xuyang, Director of Strategic Corporation Dept. (Beijing) Co.,Ltd.

I knew him just after Baidu successfully listed on NASDAQ. At that time, Baidu was still embraced with enormous applause for the highest upward record as a foreign company. Mr. Ren, as one of the key person to create such a miracle, looks so nice and plain.

However, the most touching thing for me is that his affection to every mentee's career development. At the first meeting, he recommended us one best-selling book: Find your strength. A few days later, every one of us received such a special gift from Beijing. Furthermore, he asked us to make this personality test and submit the result to him. On the second meeting, the main topic of our talking was just to analyze every mentee's strength and shortage. He even helps to design and plan everyone’s preferable career path. Through such an inculcating process, I can obviously feel his devotion to Mentoring Program, and the kindness to CEIBS alumni.

Here I would firstly appreciate CEIBS' Mentoring Programme. It's really a very instructive idea. Meanwhile, I hope to realize EMBA's thoughts, and I want to know what contribution MBA can make. In my opinion, "interaction" and "win-win" should be the core of Mentoring Programme.