Listen to HR Expert Talking About HR Management

Mentor: Willis Jiao   General Manager-Human Resources of Chanel (China) Co., Ltd.
Mentee: Katherine Wang, Li Bao, Mulazzani Paolo, Yvonne Tong

My mentor is Willis Jiao, the HR Director of Chanel. It has been around half a year since we first met each other at the kick-off meeting of the mentoring program. During this period, although both my mentor and I were quite busy, we scheduled to get together nearly each month when EMBA courses were taking place on campus. During our get-togethers, we shared our career experiences, discussed courses and life at CEIBS, etc. It is a valuable and fun interaction process for me.

Mr. Jiao has got rich experience in HR function in variance kinds of industries, including manufacturing and fansion. During our meeting, he shared with me his insights of different industries, people management; he explained the HR role as internal “customer” relationship management. He told me dealing with people is kind of art, especially when facing difficult people, you should figure out what they really want and what the problems are, then form your strategy; don't fight back or try to beat them at their own games. He also shared his value in life and gave me suggestions on my career plan and the aspects that I should focus on during my MBA study.

Another valuable part is that Mr. Jiao often introduces other EMBA07 students to the mentees, in addition, he invites us to attend the EMBA students activities. Early this year, we went to the EMBA study tour to Suzhou industry area together with the EMBA07 students. We visited several multinational, private and state-owned companies there, learning their experience of conducting business in China and discussing problem they encountered; at the same time, we extended our network during the trip. It was definitely valuable experience for our MBA students.

I believe that I still have a lot to learn and gain insight from the association with my mentor and also other mature, prudent and prominent people. From the mentee’s point of view, I think if we are well prepared, modest, frank, honest, and helpful, we will truly benefit from our mentor-mentee relationships with regards to our personal growth, career development and even life values.