Investment Expert Talks about MBA Learning Methodology

Mentee: Simon Li, Joyce HUANG, Jasmine JIANG,
Mentor: Cao Sheng, Chairman of the Board, Skyline Investment Consulting Co., Ltd

Four months has passed since the MBA 2008 Mentoring Program was initiated. Looking backwards, I think I have learnt a lot from the program.

My first meeting with Mr. Cao was at the Mentoring Program launch ceremony. As we were from the same city, I felt very intimate with him. Besides, I was also interested in and made some observations on the industry he was involved in. Through our first meeting, I found that he was endowed with rich industrial experience and had the innovative spirit. From him I learned some knowledge that I had little chance to acquire before, or to be more specific, some more practical knowledge.

Mr. Cao works in Beijing, so most of our communication has been carried out via phone and MSN. Although he is pretty busy, he has often called me and asked about my studies. While sharing his own EMBA experience with us, he urged me to combine the knowledge with social practice, and pointed out that the highlight of MBA program was to cultivate one’s logic, thinking abilities, as well as comprehensive quality. He also encouraged me to improve the all-round abilities during the MBA study so as to be better prepared for the future. Moreover, he introduced to us the investment projects he was in charge of or involved in, and explained some key practical methods and handling techniques, which helped extend my way of thinking.    

During the first winter vocation, I was lucky enough to take part in one project led by Mr. Cao. My task was making analysis and sum-up of specific industry. Though it was not too difficult and the time wasn’t long, I still got a deeper understanding about the industry, and learned to analyze and summarize things in a systematic way. It was really a good chance for me.

One week before I wrote this article, Mr. Cao took a business trip to Shanghai and called us together. During the meeting, he shared with us his new projects, new ideas and new moves. He also invited us to visit his company to see how the projects were planned and implemented in a closer way.

Thanks to the mentoring program, I got to know Mr. Cao, build good relationship with him, and learn a lot of knowledge that I could not learn from class. I really cherish this experience!