CEIBS Library E-resource Use Code

The E-resources purchased by China Europe International Business School Library (“CEIBS Library”) are only available to CEIBS faculty, staff, students, and other authorized users (“Users”). The CEIBS Library E-resources include E-databases, E-books, E-journals and so on. In order to protect the intellectual property rights of E-resources, to also guarantee the legal rights of Users, CEIBS library appeals to all Users to abide by the regulations on intellectual property rights of E-resources.

  1. Only Users may access the E-Resources of CEIBS library. The User account should not be transferred to others.
  2. Users may search and download or otherwise retrieve data or content, for the purposes of personal study, research or personal appreciation, or for use in classroom teaching or research. The name of the author and the title of the work should be mentioned. Users should not use data or content for publishing for distribution, broadcasting by wire or wireless means, or commercial activities and other activities beyond fair use, or for commercial purposes.
  3. Users are forbidden to maliciously download original literature data. The continuous, systematic and centralized downloading of CEIBS Library E-resources is also forbidden. Users are not allowed to use downloading tools for bulk download.
  4. Users should not pass on any retrieved information to non-users, or republish E-resources by any means.
  5. CEIBS Library has the right to monitor Users’ usage of library E-resources. Library staff have the right to disable accounts that engage in excessive downloading of material.
  6. CEIBS Library reserves the right to warn Users, terminate Users’ accounts and take legal action against Users who breach our policies. Users should bear the responsibility arising from breaching the terms of this use code.

This use code is written in Chinese and English. The Chinese version is regarded as the standard use code. CEIBS Library has the right to explain and change this use code.

CEIBS Library