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Marketing in the Age of AI

Many companies have devoted considerable investment in developing artificial intelligence (AI) applications in the marketing field, from AI-enabled chatbots and personalized recommendation systems to AI-powered dynamic pricing and other automations for marketing optimizations. 

As AI is increasingly deployed in marketing functions, it also creates fears and challenges to humans in general but also more specifically to professionals involved in marketing-related fields. Many questions remain for AI-driven marketing: What roles do marketers play in AI applications? How should marketers collaborate with AI? How do consumers respond to AI applications when they interact with AI machines?

In this webinar, CEIBS Professor of Marketing Wang Qi will review some recent developments in AI in the field of marketing. Prof. Wang will also examine recent research findings regarding:

- The benefits/challenges of AI applications in marketing; and,
- The relationship between humans and AI and the future of AI in marketing.

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