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Evolutionary Coaching for Executive Leadership



“A New Area of Leadership” – Workshop by Mr Zoran Todorovic

Time: 19:00 – 20:30 
Date: April 23, 2015
Venue: Auditorium, CEIBS Shanghai Campus
Hongfeng Rd 699, Pudong, Shanghai
Organizer: CEIBS Alumni Charity Union, CEIBS Alumni Marketing Association, CEIBS Alumni Women in Leadership Union, CEIBS Alumni Culture and Innovation Associaiton
Co-Organizer: CEIBS MBA Women in Leadership Club, CEIBS MBA CSR Club, CEIBS Business Online


The world is ready for a new kind of executive leader, one who:
1. Has authentic confidence and congruence 
2. Lives passionately from the power that comes from being fully connected to themselves, others and Life 
3. Is able to create profound change with the ease and grace that comes when synchronicity is called into play and 
4. Accomplishes it all in collaborative leadership with others and has an amazing time doing it!

This leader lives with the integrity that comes from being true to themselves and the world around them. Through these leaders, our world will constantly evolve in spectacular ways, for the good of us all. Evolutionary coaching for executive leadership goes where no other coaching methods has gone before.

In this key note we will explore consciousness, evolution, human magnificence and profound contribution as the outcomes of what we call ‘quantum executive leadership. ’The evolutionary executive coach is an alchemist whose job it is to stir the soul, connect people directly to their own source, expand them into their purest and greatest potential. As result executives take new level of leadership to move us collectively into creating a new world based on collaboration coherence and grater good for all.

What will participants learn from this presentation: 
- How do we replace our existing attitudes and culture with openness, trust and collaboration 
- How do we use coaching technology in a dynamic way as a 21st century global enterprise 
- How do we change, adapt and transform effortlessly 
- How do we develop and evolve human capital in the new way. 
- How do we step in to a bold new leadership framework based on try gifts, talents and strengths


Mr. Zoran Todorovic (MCC)

“A New Area of Leadership” – Workshop by Mr Zoran TodorovicMr. Zoran Todorovic (Master Certified Coach) is founder and CEO of TNM, gifted coach, TV presenter and teleclass leader; he combines exuberant, loving optimism and play with seriously-honed skills, limitless thinking, a piercing intelligence and an uncanny ability to see the truth and tell it. In TNM Coaching Zoran is coaching and training professional working with global organizations such as: Eriksson, Nokia, Microsoft Mobile etc.

Zoran works with the potential of a person, company, project or organization by moving people into serving a greater ideal, vision or purpose. Zoran has been invited as a speaker in World Economic forum, Davos and ICF World Forum several times.



You may sign up for this event here: http://eqxiu.com/s/V4HDxYLO?from=groupmessage&isappinstalled=0