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CEIBS Meet New Faculty: Prof. Paddy Miller - “the Innovation Architect”


Meet CEIBS New Faculty

Prof. Paddy Miller

speaking on:

“the Innovation Architect” 

Date: Thursday, June 5

18:30 – 19:00h Registration
19:00 – 21:00h Lecture by Prof. Miller
21:00 – 21:30h Q&A


Venue: Shanghai Campus, AC1-104

Language: English with Chinese Translation

Please contact Ms. Lingyun Huang at hlingyun@ceibs.edu to sign up for this event.

Many people think that Steve Jobs would have been an excellent model for organisations that want to embedd innovation in their DNA. But that would be absolutely fatal because Steve Jobs was not a very good leader, in fact, he was the leader from hell. He was terrible. Most organisations would fail if they followed that model. A much more appropriate approach is to develop leaders who become "innovation architects" - these are people who have the ability to create an organisational space where others can be innovative. The gradual transition to being an innovation architect is the challenge that many leaders have to face and is the subject of this talk. Paddy has written extensively on this subject and has an HBR article on the subject as well as a book published by Harvard Business Review Publishing - "Innovation as Usual"; both in 2013.


CEIBS Meet New Faculty: Prof. Paddy Miller - “the Innovation Architect”Paddy Miller is Visiting Professor of Management at CEIBS. He is an authority on leading innovation in global organizations. Paddy’s approach to researching innovation has been to take a longitudinal perspective to organizational transition as innovation is embedded in the culture. He defined the attributes of the Innovation Architect recently in a co-authored book Innovation as Usual published by Harvard Business Review Publishing in 2013.


In line with this approach, Paddy has become extensively involved in management development issues during the transition to being a creative organization. He also serves as Professor of Managing People in Organizations at IESE in Spain and a member of the board of IESE in the USA.


Paddy has written and contributed to several books and articles that have appeared in publications ranging from the Financial Times to the Harvard Business Review. His case studies have won awards in various international forums. He was awarded by the American Academy of Management for his work in the field of globally distributed teams. McGraw-Hill published his book, Mission Critical Leadership (2001). Along with a team of researchers, Prof. Miller blogs regularly on the topic of creativity in organizations at “The Innovation Architect”