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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Inaugural MBA Social Impact Week Wraps Up

March 14, 2021. Shanghai – The inaugural CEIBS MBA Social Impact Week, hosted by the MBA Social Impact and Responsibility Club, concluded today at our Shanghai campus. Celebrating the theme of “Impact is in Your Hands,” students hosted a series of events to shine a spotlight on four major topics, including Innovation and Impact, finance and sustainability, post-epidemic CSR, as well as love and growth.

Visit to Plug and Play China

Kicking off the week was a company visit to Plug and Play Shanghai, an innovation platform that connects technology start-ups with the world’s largest corporations. MBA students were met by the Head of Brand and Retail, Energy and Sustainability Jiabei Zhang. Zhang then shared how the entrepreneurial economy can achieve change through innovation and connections.

Other impactful takeaways came from Lanting Wu, Venture Analyst of Energy and Sustainability, who emphasised the only way to achieve sustainable development is through synergies that break down boundaries between industries. The visit was concluded with a tour of Plug and Play China’s 5G office space.

Panel discussion on ESG and impact investment

On the evening of March 11, an expert panel was convened to discuss theory and practice in ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and impact investing.

Impact Intelligence Partner and CEIBS Global EMBA 2015 alum Nikolaj Moesgaard was joined in conversation by Ampower Capital Partner and Angel Investor Feng Qing, Asia Green Fund Executive Director Kuan Huang and Ping An Group Principle ESG Expert and Head of ESG Strategy Yichen Geng.

The panel and audience discussed current practices and trends as well as the implications they will have on MBA students’ future career development.

CSR forum

On March 13, three professors, four alums and one CEIBS partner took to the stage for the annual CSR forum on campus to share their insights on the changing nature of social responsibilities.

The forum was kicked off by CEIBS Associate Dean and MBA Programme Director Shameen Prashantham who shared his thoughts, and hopes, on how CSR will change post-pandemic.

CEIBS Professor of Strategy and CSR/Sustainability Research Area Director Jinyu He kicked off the sharing with an overview of the development and importance of the CEIBS CSR White Paper.

CEIBS Alumni Association Social Responsibility Director and CEIBS Alumni Charity Union President Jiao Sheng introduced the channels through which MBA students can participate in alumni activities addressing CSR issues.

Finally, SynTao Partner and Impact Hub Shanghai Co-founder and VC Partner Xiujuan Lu shared SynTao’s latest top ten trends in CSR.

After the four key note speeches, an alumni panel featuring Vanke Group Senior Partner, 2049 Future City Lab General Manager and MBA 2009 alum Haibei Yi, Oatly Asia President and CEIBS EMBA 2008 alum Chun Zhang and Shanghai Serve China Logistics Chairman and President Chuntang Zhu shared how the spirit of CSR can take root in corporations.

Virtual volunteering with the Chi Heng Foundation 

The inaugural Social Impact Week was brought to a close with ten current MBA 2022 students participating in a virtual video classroom teaching activity through the Chi Heng Foundation.

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