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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Connect with Chinese Enterprises

~ The 2nd Chinese Enterprise Forum held on CEIBS Shanghai Campus

May 8, 2019. Shanghai – The 2nd Chinese Enterprise Forum, organised by CEIBS Career Development Center (CDC), was held today at the Shanghai Campus. Fourteen fast growing Chinese enterprises were invited to share their business strategies, work place cultures, and career opportunities with an audience of over 100 CEIBS MBA students and alumni. The companies – including, BeiGene, Cainiao, Canature, Huaxing, Eddingpharm, Fosun, OPPO, Jahwa, Juss Intellisports, Jingrui, Wuxi AppTec, Geely, Yuwell, and SwiftPass – represent the broad spectrum of innovation taking place across China’s economy.

Amongst today’s speakers, Cainiao Supply Chain Finance General Manager and CEIBS MBA 2008 alum Mr. Zhao Wei shared his reasons for coming back to campus today. “CEIBS students are not only renowned for being high quality, but also well-rounded and pragmatic,” he said. “Cainiao are in the process of further global expansion and therefore have a strong need for graduates from top schools like CEIBS.”

Following their TEDx-style presentations, MBAs and alumni were given the opportunity to network with senior executives and HR directors to gain a more in-depth understanding of the enterprises’ corporate strategies and recruitment opportunities.

About CDC

As the first career development centre in Mainland China, the CEIBS Career Development Center (CDC) has evolved into a platform that provides guidance to students regarding their career planning, job searching, and networking skills, and connects students with different channels/resources with the ultimate goal of landing them in careers that are in line with their long term careers and life aspirations.

Since August 2018, CDC has also started to provide career support to GEMBA/MBA alumni up to five years after graduation. With the most valuable and extensive business network in China, the CDC team has strong connections with the business world and is striving to bring more career opportunities, organise career event/workshops, and provide career coaching/mentoring support.

Loewe Wang
Michael Thede