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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

eLab Thanksgiving Fiesta – “Grateful to Have You”

November 22, 2018. Shanghai – As winter approaches with the end of Term 2 for MBA 2020 students, it is a good time for the hard-working first-years to take a step back, review some of the key learnings and remaining goals for their MBA journey, and gather together for a Thanksgiving turkey dinner. This year, the eLab Investment Camp made the Thanksgiving Fiesta an even bigger event by inviting the entire MBA 2020 batch to join in the diverse conversation with a line-up of CEIBS alumni.

During the event, MBA alum Ms. Tan Xia shared the challenging yet rewarding entrepreneurial journey of Yunxuetang (云学堂). Yunxuetang is committed to building an ecosystem of professional training services by applying a “SaaS + course service” model. The team has experienced almost every challenge a start-up could encounter, including a lack of funds and industry expertise and self-doubt. Ms. Tan’s advice, although not rosy, was rather realistic: “If you decide to become an entrepreneur, you have to have perseverance as well as the charisma to influence your entire team to move with you. If you’re not yet ready, find a qualified alumni member to support you.”

Following the “shocking,” but valuable, experience sharing, Tanzhiyouxue (探知游学) Founder and COO Mr. Liu Bing impressed the audience with his special business model and perspective on the travel education sector. Tanzhiyouxue provides boutique cultural education services overseas and, as Mr. Liu explained, he believes the best way to learn and connect with the world is by combining travel and learning. In addition to his role at Tanzhiyouxue, Mr. Liu is also a current EMBA student at the CEIBS Beijing campus.

Finally, Goplay Founder and CEO and EMBA 2014 alum Mr. Gao Xiang warmly greeted the students. As a serial entrepreneur, Mr. Gao talked about his ability to juggle multiple roles in promoting the latest solutions for remote sound pickup and video synthesis.

Accompanied by a turkey feast and mulled wine, the batch enjoyed interacting with the entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors. Special thanks need to be paid to the CEIBS Wine Club for sponsoring the evening. MBA 2020 students also demonstrated their creativity and entrepreneurship throughout the event in the form cocktails provided by an eLab project in progress called D.I.Y. Cocktail Delivery Service. A team of MBA 2020 students, led by Korean Dan Shin, volunteered to work as bartenders throughout major school events, including Shanghai Night and the Halloween Fiesta, as a way to help create memorable moments in the lives of their fellow MBAs.

June Lu
Michael Thede
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Jason Mao; Emilio Fu