From Knowing to Understanding the General Management of Real Estate Industry

Mentee:   Jason Han, Gary Pan, Victor Wu
Mentor:   Dongfeng Wang, Trustee President, ChiwayLand Group

Mr. Wang Dong Feng is our mentor in the MBA 2008 Mentoring Program. He is the Trustee President of ChiwayLand Group.

At our first meeting at the Mentoring Program launch ceremony, Mr. Wang was kind enough to give us an introduction to the real estate industry in China. It was fascinating and aroused our interests in the industry even further. We have also visited Mr. Wang’s company for a couple times in order to have a better understanding of his business and discuss on potential projects that we can get involve in. He was very generous to take us out for delicious lunches and shared with us his experience of starting a new business as well as some management insights. With respect to our career development and long term goals, Mr. Wang also gave us invaluable advices. We have all gained a lot through meaningful discussions with such a highly experienced entrepreneur.

Since this April, we have visited Mr. Wang’s company once or twice a week to work on projects in different aspects and rotate in various departments in order for us to have a thorough and in-depth experience in the real estate industry. We have met with vice presidents and managers of different functions such as finance, cost management, human resources and project management etc. They’ve patiently explained to us the project operation and work patterns of the company, and tried their best to help us achieve our goals.  Moreover, we’ve been given different documents or procedure manuals of the company in order for us to get a better understanding of the company operation. There is also a special taskforce for risk management. Working together with a manager and a legal advisor, we need to come up with different ideas for better risk management practices for the company. Although procedure manuals for various risk management aspects are already in place, management of the company is willing to put more emphasis on how to control and mitigate risks. On top of all the above we have also been given opportunities to visit different construction/ work sites of the projects so as to have a first hand experience of what these real estate projects are like.

We really appreciate Mr. Wang’s time and effort spent on the mentoring program as he has very tight schedules everyday. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation for Mr. Wang’s generosity and continuous support. Furthermore, all the help from Mr. Wang’s subordinates is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.