Got a Bird's Eye View of How Business Gets Transacted in China and its Culture

Mentee: Raghuram KS
Mentor: Michael Zou, Vice President, Longcheer Holdings Ltd.

For an International student, I was fortunate enough to have mentor from different industry and culture. What it means to me is that I got a bird's eye view of how business gets transacted in China and also experienced working in a Chinese company for a short period.

My mentor Mr. Michael Pingsong Zou, who is an EMBA student and Vice President of Long cheer Technology, shared with me the trends in the telecom industry in China and how his company was trying to get a foothold in the global mobile phone business. He was kind enough to offer an internship in the International sales department during the Christmas break which was my first experience working in a Chinese Enterprise. I could see his passion when he gave an orientation tour of the company's facilities. He was quite well regarded in the company and always spotted in the office only with a pleasant smile. And that worked wonders among his team members.

It is quite intimidating working in a different culture where language and customs often act as barriers. But I discovered that good work practices and open culture could facilitate faster transition and integration into the company culture. And in three weeks, I could make many friends in the company while learning in the process. Last, but not the least, I was invited to the New Year Chinese Banquet which was an unforgettable experience in itself!

I appreciate to the CEIBS Mentoring Programme to provide such a valuable opportunity.