CEIBS-ZKH Centre for Innovation in Supply Chains and Services


CISCS’ vision is to promote excellence in supply chain management and service innovations through knowledge creation and dissemination.


CISCS’ mission is to become the best platform in China for integrating professional knowledge and skills for supply chain and service innovation.

The centre conducts research into supply chain integration and service innovation through global collaborations with research institutions, business enterprises and government agencies.

Our research findings help to advance theories in various academic fields, promote the implementation of best practices across industries, and provide guidance for governments to improve industrial policies.


The CISCS’ objectives are to:

  • Conduct cutting-edge research to help advance theories and practices in supply chain management and service innovation
  • Address the challenges and issues that companies face in supply chain management and services innovation through collaborative research with the industry
  • Disseminate research findings and company best practices through forums, workshops, executive training programmes, and e-education
  • Improve education quality through the creation and application of high quality cases and teaching materials in supply chain and service management
  • Establish networks of companies which pursue excellence through implementing best practices in supply chain and services innovation

Research, Teaching and Practice Integration

Knowledge Creation

Teaching Cases

Teaching cases can build an effective bridge between management ideas and business practices, and help readers apply what they have learned. In recent years, the centre’s research team has visited many enterprises and written nearly 20 teaching cases, many of which have been used in classroom teaching and have been shared with others. These cases have looked at a wide range of enterprises, including:

  • Manufacturing Enterprises: Haier, Galanz, Shangpinzhaipei, RCOLLAR, Borche Machinery
  • Distribution Enterprises: CR Pharma, SJET Supply Chain, Ecoal China, Eternal Asia
  • Retail Enterprises: JD.com, GOME Anxun, Handu Group, Everyday Chain
  • Services Enterprises: Ping An Bank, Guangdong Mobile, Yi Liu Tech, Baihe.com

Case themes cover a wide range of topics, including business transformation and upgrading, supply chain integration and innovation, network platform-based business model innovation, supply chain ecosystems, intelligent manufacturing, new retail, supply chain finance, digital supply chains, and big data-enabled supply chain optimisation.


Scientific Research

Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and the Hong Kong Research Grant Council (RGC), the centre’s research team has undertaken a number of national and regional research projects in recent years, with a focused on uncovering the general laws of supply chain and services innovation and promoting scientific progress. These projects have included research on:

  • Collaborative innovation behaviour of Chinese enterprises in supply chain
    *NSFC major international cooperative research project
  • Service innovation and service design in network environments
    *NSFC major project
  • The influence of intellectual capital and supply chain learning on innovation ability and enterprise performance
  • The combined effect of total quality management and brand building on the performance of Chinese original brand manufacturers
  • ‘Fuzzy’ hotel pricing strategies and consumer behaviour in relation to online multi-channel distribution models
  • Cross-cultural rights, relationship commitment and supply chain integration
  • Theory and method of intelligent logistics optimisation in big data environments


Industry Think Tank

As an industry and enterprise think tank, the centre has carried out numerous practice-oriented research projects in recent years, helping the Chinese government improve industrial policies, promoting the adoption of best practices in the industry, and guiding enterprises to improve their competitiveness. These projects have included research into:

  • Internet + manufacturing supply chain finance models and policies
    *MIIT project (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology)
  • The development strategies of global supply chains in key industries
    *CPC Central Leading Group for Financial and Economic Affairs Project
  • Chinese cities’ logistics competitiveness index system
  • Platform-based supply chain and business model innovation
  • Supply chain collaboration and sustainable development
  • New retail and omni-channel supply chain design
  • Optimisation of supply chain and logistics decision based on big data


Academic Achievements

Based on the refinement of scientific issues and insights into management practices, the centre has published more than 200 academic papers and reports, promoting the coordinated development of theory and practice, including:

  • Papers published in the Journal of Operations Management, Production and Operations Management, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Sloan Management Review and other top journals
  • Books on platform-based business model innovation and service design such as ‘Supply Chain Plus’ and Business Model Innovation: New Insights into Company Transformation and Global Supply Chain Quality Management: Product Recalls and Their Impact

The centre’s research team has also received numerous awards, including the Jack Meredith Best Paper Award granted by the Journal of Operations Management, the China Business Administration International Best Case Nomination Award, 12th Zhong Jiaqing Operational Research Award, the CEIBS Research Excellence Award and more.

Knowledge Dissemination

As the best UIC (University-Industry Collaboration) platform of supply chain and service innovation in China, CISCS carries out academic and social activities with various forms and rich in content, including:

  • International Conference on Operations and Supply Chain Management (large-scale, once per year)
  • Supply chain and service innovation workshops (middle-scale, 1-2 times per year)
  • Thematic salons and workshops (small-scale, irregular)
  • Conducting Real Situation Learning and Executive Education classes and practice sharing sessions (small-scale, irregular)




JD.COM Chair Professor in Operations and Supply Chain Management;
Director, CEIBS-ZKH Centre for Innovation in Supply Chains and Services



Professor of Economics and Decision Sciences
Co-Director of CEIBS Centre for Digital Economy and Smart Enterprises



Associate Professor of Operations Management, CEIBS



Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship;
Department Chair (Strategy and Entrepreneurship), CEIBS



Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, CEIBS
Programme Director of Development Camp for Future CEOs


The CEIBS-ZKH Centre for Innovation in Supply Chains and Services is sponsored by ZKH.