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Healthcare HR Executive Talk @ CEIBS


Healthcare HR Executive Talk @ CEIBS

Theme: Career Development in Healthcare – Grow & Transform with New Age
Time: Sept. 24th, 6:30pmto 8:30pm(Tea & Pastries Available)
Venue: AC3-115, CEIBS Campus, #699 Hongfeng Rd.
Language: English
Guests: Healthcare HR Executives

Healthcare HR Executive Talk @ CEIBS

Event Intro:

With tremendous growth over the past years, the healthcare industry will tap into transformational development through deepened healthcare reform, emerging technology, booming capitals and entrepreneurial people. 
Talents, whether with strong healthcare experience or cross-border background, are the key pillars of leading companies to win in this new age, hence are more than ever on top of the agenda of senior executives.

Organized by CEIBS Alumni HR Management Association and RDPACHR Association, and sponsored by CEIBS MBA Office, an HR-Executive-Talk will be held at CEIBS to inspire “career development in the healthcare industry”. The talk will revolve around the theme of “grow & transform” across different levels to explore successful career opportunities at industry, company and individual level.

With this Executive Talk, we hope attendants can get reflection on career development both as a young-talent and as a leader in healthcare industry, and to grow and transform together with this booming industry – welcome!

Event Organizers
CEIBS Alumni HR Management Association, RDPACHR Association

Event Sponsor

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  Healthcare HR Executive Talk @ CEIBS

Chandler Chen(陈锴) ckai.m16@ceibs.edu, 15021210216