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Message from the President of CEIBS


In the 21 years since its launch, the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) has solidified its reputation as one of the world's leading business schools. We primarily owe our success to China's reform, opening-up, and sustained rapid economic growth, to the leadership and support of the Chinese government and the EU, as well as to the support we have received from the business community.

CEIBS boasts thousands of alumni from domestic and foreign enterprises. Their vigorous efforts have greatly contributed to the presence of global enterprises in China, Chinese enterprises' presence across the globe, the China-Europe economic cooperation, and economic globalisation. This support for CEIBS has been instrumental in the school's various economic and social achievements.

Looking ahead, CEIBS will carry on the glorious tradition of maintaining close ties with businesses and all other circles, and actively contribute to the development of entrepreneurs and executives with global competitiveness for the 21st century.


<P><STRONG><FONT color=#cc9900>Message from the Chairman of the CEIBS Education Foundation</FONT></STRONG></P>

Li Mingjun
President of CEIBS

About The CEIBS Education Foundation


Established in 2005, CEIBS' Education Foundation (CEIBS Foundation), is a registered not-for-profit organisation and is the repository of all gifts to CEIBS through endowment funds, the annual fund, alumni, corporate and institutional sponsorship programmers, as well as capital and special campaigns for the school's advancement.

Board of Directors

Honorary Chairman of CEIBS Foundation
Liu Ji Honorary President of CEIBS
Chairman of CEIBS Foundation
Li Mingjun President of CEIBS
Vice Chairmen
Pedro Nueno President of CEIBS
Lu Qiutian Former Chinese Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany
Former President of Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairs(CPIFA)
Huang Guoping The Incumbent Party Secretary and President of Jinqiao Group Co., Ltd.
Members of the Board
CAI Mingpo Cathay Capital Private Equity
Alumnus of EMBA2004, CEIBS
Ge Jun Assistant President of CEIBS
Secretary General of the CEIBS Foundation
He Yi Chairman, ESSILOR (China) Holding Company
Alumnus of CEO2009, CEIBS
Huang Nubo Chairman, Beijing Zhongkun Investment Group
Alumnus of EMBA1996, CEIBS
Huang Qingping Chairman, Yincheng Real Estate Group
Eric X. Li Founder and managing director of Chengwei Capital
Hobbs Liu Assistant President, CEIBS;Executive Director of EDP
Lou Yongliang Chairman, Zhongtian Group Co., Ltd.
Alumnus of CEO2004, CEIBS
Long Yu Chief Human Resource Officer&General counsel of JD.com
Francis Lui Vice Chairman, K Wah Group
Ma Yusheng Assistant President of CEIBS
Chief Representative of Beijing Office
Hellmut Schütte Former Vice President and Dean of CEIBS
Wang Qingjiang Director, Alumni Affairs Department, CEIBS
Wu Jinglian Bao Steel Chair Professor of Economics of CEIBS
Research Fellow of the Development Research Centre of the State Council of P.R.C.
Xu Bo Senior Professional Diplomat
Xu Dingbo Professor of Accounting, CEIBS Associate Dean, Member of the Management Committee
Xu Hang Founder & Chairman, Mindray Medical International Limited
Chairman, Shenzhen Parkland Investment Group
Alumnus of EMBA2002 & CEO2008, CEIBS
Jan Borgonjon Member of the Board of Directors, CEIBS
President of InterChina Investment Consulting Corp
Zhang Tianfu Major General
former Deputy Commander of Zhejiang Military Command
alumnus of CEIBS as EMBA 2001 graduate
Zhang Weijiong Vice President and Co-Dean of CEIBS

Ways of Giving


Bank Transfer
BNF’s name: Shanghai CEIBS Education Foundation
A/C No.: 211582039210001
Bank’s name and address: China Merchants Bank, Shanghai Nanxi Branch, 100 West Nanjing Rd., Shanghai, 200003

Postal Remittance
Name: Shanghai CEIBS Education Foundation
Address: 699 Hongfeng Rd., Pudong, Shanghai, 201206

Online Donation

Campus Donation
Visit the CEIBS Foundation at Room 404, Serviced Apartment No.5

Tax Incentives

Deductibility of Charitable Contributions

Notice of the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation on the Policies and Relevant Management Issues concerning the Pre-tax Deduction of Public Welfare Relief Donations (No.6 [2007] of the Ministry of Finance)

People's Republic of China Public Welfare Donation Law

CEIBS Partnership Programme


The CEIBS Partnership Programme fosters business-academic cooperation through building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. Corporate Partners engage in a wide spectrum of customised joint projects and initiatives with CEIBS.


CEIBS Partnership Programme Investment Options At A Glance


+ CEIBS Named Chair Endowment Fund

Port of Barcelona
"la Caixa"
Chengwei Capital
Cathay Capital
Philips (China) Investment Co. Ltd.
Parkland Investment Group
Wu Jinglian Academic Fund
Banco Santander
Spanish Government
ESSILOR International
British American Tobacco
Zhongkun Group
Zhongtian Group
Zhu Xiaoming President’s Fund

CEIBS Partnership Programme


+ CEIBS Centres of Research & Research Funds

Best Logistics
BOSCH (China)Investment Ltd.
Universal Foundation for Education of Medical Service & Healthcare
Chengwei Capital
Evergreen Holding Group
WPG Holdings
DiAn Diagnostics
Orient Securities Asset Management
DunAn Environment
Philips (China) Investment Co. Ltd
Liugong Machinery
Guosen Securities
Biostime Inc.
HuaAn Fund Management
Huaxiang Group
Hanlian Investment Group
Jinsheng Group
TopSpring International Holdings Limited
Landsea Group
Lujiazui Development Group

Merrsunny Wealth
Merck KGaA
Noah Private Wealth Management
Chervon Holdings Ltd.
Rentai Group
Global Logistic Properties Ltd.
Shanghai MorGold Investment Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Pudong Development Bank
Shanghai Shuyin Science & Technology
Bank of Shanghai
Share Capital Partners
Shousan Wealth
FD Johnson
W&Smith Shanghai Inc.
Siemens Ltd, China
Siemens Healthcare
Sunriver Holding Group Co., Ltd.
Cifi Group
Xunfu Information Science & Technology
EVOC Group
Yincheng Real Estate Group
Yurun Group
AVIC International
China Financial Futures Exchange

CEIBS Partnership Programme


+ CEIBS Campus Fund Investment

CTK Co., Ltd.
Fengshen Group
China Development Bank
Huatai Securities
Global Sources
K. Wah Group
Greenwoods Capital
Manwah Holdings
Sanquan Food
Shanghai Jahwa Group
Shanghai Jinqiao Group

Shanghai Chlor-Alkali Chemical
Shanghai Volkswagen
Schneider Electric
Red Avenue Group
Wind Info
Spanish Government
Far East Holding Group
Zhezhong Electric
China Telecom Shanghai
SINOPEC Shanghai Petrochem

CEIBS Partnership Programme


+ CEIBS Development Fund

BP China
Akzo Nobel
Atlas Copco
Arcelor Mittal
Aoshan Group
Anheuser-Busch InBev
BNP Paribas
Haowu China
Hengdian Group
Jizhuang Technology
Jiangsu Tiger Beetle Investment
Coca Cola
McKinsey & Company
Mandarin Capital Partners
Eli Lilly Asia, Inc.
Pengxin Group

Pudong Shangri-La
Hong Kang Real Estate
Lisheng Auto
Co-stone Capital Investment
Dow Chemical
Tiancheng Medical Group
MasterCard Worldwide
CHIC Group
Future Holdings
Youngor Group
Best Travel Limited
Yincheng Real Estate Group
Evonik Industries
Pedro Nueno President’s Fund
Zhu Xiaoming President’s Fund

CEIBS Partnership Programme


+ CEIBS MBA Scholarship Fund

"la Caixa"
Morningside Ventures
DDI Group
Omnicom Group Inc.

Longcheer Group
Liu Ji Education Fund
Easyfinance Management Consulting
Wu Jinglian Academic Fund
Mr. Zhou Zongming (EMBA2004)

CEIBS Partnership Programme
    German Chancellor Fellowship for Prospective Leaders


+ Special Funds
    CEIBS Lujiazui Institute of International Finance
    Wu Jinglian Academic Fund
    CEIBS Foundation Founding & Permanent Alumni Members


+ Alumni Annual Giving

Corporate Partner Benefits & Priorities


At CEIBS we pledge a return on investment to our Partners through The CEIBS Advantage, manifested in the following benefits.

+ CEIBS Corporate Advisory Board (CAB):
Invitation for a Corporate Partner Senior Executive to join CEIBS Corporate Advisory Board (CAB), which meets 4 times a year with the CEIBS Dean to advise on their needs.

+ CEIBS Exclusive Professor/Expert Briefings:
Priority access to CEIBS world-class professors, with prior scheduling, to deliver briefings for Corporate Partner executives.

+ Participation in CEIBS Industry Forums and Conferences:
Opportunity for Corporate Partners to attend, participate in and /or speak at (when appropriate, and when space is available) CEIBS annual industry forums and conferences. Note: All Corporate Partner companies receive 1 free pass to attend each industry forum. Ticket must be requested 1 month before event date.

+ Attendance at CEIBS Lujiazui Finance Salon Series:
These exclusive, closed-door briefings for senior government officials and financial industry executives (held 10-12 times per year) provide valuable insight into China’s finance sector. Speakers are top-level policymakers. Each Salon includes only 50 guests. CEIBS holds 8 seats per event for Corporate Partners.

+ Speaking Opportunities via CEIBS Executive Forums:
Corporate Partners are invited (when appropriate) as guest speakers at CEIBS Executive Forum series, focusing on topics of interest to CEIBS students, alumni and the general business community.

+ Guest Lecturing to CEIBS MBA, EMBA and Alumni Community:
Guest lecturing opportunity for Corporate Partners within the CEIBS MBA and EMBA programmes and Alumni Activities. The CEIBS Alumni Association has 46 domestic and 14 overseas chapters.

+ Coverage & Advertising via TheLINK magazine 
Corporate Partners are invited to be featured in or jointly create articles for CEIBS’ TheLINK bimonthly magazine (distribution 20,000, to CEIBS alumni, students, faculty and partners; Language: English/Chinese). Corporate Partners also enjoy Partner Discount on advertising in TheLINK. Details provided separately.

+ Promotion via CEIBS Campus, Website, Brochures:
Recognition for Corporate Partners at the CEIBS campuses, in programme brochures, and on the school website.

+ Promotion via Media Events, Research and Publications:
Opportunity to gain exposure via jointly organised Media Briefings, participation in CEIBS research and books (such as China CEO, China Entrepreneur, China’s Top Employers and the FT.com online Business School). CEIBS has more than 1,200 Chinese media and 1,000 foreign media reps in our database.

+ CEIBS MBA Recruitment:
Partner Priority access to CEIBS MBA graduates for recruitment (annually: August). Sponsor companies review graduating class 6 weeks ahead of non-sponsors AND are invited to give on-campus company briefings in August (non-sponsors must wait until after September 1).

+ CEIBS MBA "Integrated Strategy Projects" (Spring) & Internship (Summer):
Exclusive to Corporate Partners, the ISP matches companies with a team of 5-7 carefully selected MBA Students who will conduct detailed, customised strategic analysis on the topic of the company’s choice. The 14-week analysis comes at no cost to Corporate Partners, and high-quality results are ensured by a panel of professor and business mentors. CEIBS internships follow the ISP, with priority given to Partner Companies.

+ CEIBS Open Executive Education Programmes:
Partner Priority to enrol in CEIBS Open Executive Education Programmes.

+ CEIBS Company Specific Programmes:
Priority on CEIBS Company Specific Programmes – most are reserved for corporate partners as demand is so high.

+ CEIBS Case Development Centre:
Partner priority to co-develop a case study with CEIBS Case Development Centre.

Contact Us


CEIBS Education Foundation


GE Jun

Secretary General


+86 21 2890 5123

David LEE

Assistant Secretary General


+86 21 2890 5113

Jenny JING

Project Manager


+86 21 2890 5069




+86 21 2890 5066

Gillian HAN

Project Coordinator


+86 21 2890 5024

Samantha SHENG

Senior Project Manager


+86 21 2890 5023

Sandra LIU

Senior Project Manager


+86 21 2890 5070


Project Assistant


+86 21 2890 5357

Crespo CHEN

Project Manager


+86 21 2890 5359

CEIBS Development Department


Clara TAN

Deputy Director


+86 21 2890 5133

Shirley XIAO

Assistant Manager


+86 21 2890 5189

Dorothy ZHANG

Senior Coordinator


+86 21 2890 5269

Ginny YANG



+86 21 2890 5171