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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Meet the MBA2022 Student Committee

October 25, 2020. Shanghai – A nine-member Student Committee (SC), led by President-elect Claire Shen, was formed today to lead the 157 member CEIBS MBA Class of 2022. During their team presentation this evening, members of new SC shared their vision to serve the cohort, emphasizing to lead with professionalism, to be proactive and to be passionate.

“We are full of passion. We love what you love, we feel what you feel, and we share your joy and your stress. We are you. Have faith in us. We won’t let you down,” Claire said. “We wish to take every one of you on an exciting and rewarding journey at CEIBS.”

In his address to the SC, CEIBS MBA Programme Director Professor Shameen Prashantham said: “This team has an important role to play as a bridge between the student community and the MBA office, as well as amongst yourselves, especially in the present time when we have this great opportunity – as well as challenge – to temporarily operate a twin-city programme.”

While handing over the baton to Claire, Former SC President Kunal Datt also encouraged the MBA 2022 cohort to be vocal in letting the new SC know how they wish to be served.

The SC this year has representatives from China, Malaysia, Italy and the US, exhibiting the diversity their cohort represents. Read on to get to know the SC along with the roles they will play to support the student body.


Claire SHEN 沈清 – President

“Born and raised in Qingdao, China, I worked as the regional director of ASUS Campus Master Tsingtao during my undergraduate study, building the reputation of ASUS products on campus. After graduation, I joined Pfizer to start my career in the healthcare industry. I co-founded a special medical instrument dealer in 2019, providing an omnibus supply package for nursing homes. As President, I’ll be an advocate between the students and the school, between Shanghai and Zurich. My teammates and I wish to take every student on an exciting and rewarding journey at CEIBS.”

Marcus CHAN曾昭淳 – Vice President

“Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and partly raised in Melbourne, Australia (both boarding school and university), I graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Commerce.  I have 15 years of working experience in multiple industries in Kuala Lumpur – from auditing and financial accounting to marketing and branding. I also founded, owned and operated a coffee roastery and cafe for five years. As Vice President during this historical twin-city programme period, I intend to work closely with the student body at both the Shanghai and Zurich campuses and with the MBA office to make sure that communication between all is open and flows effectively. I’ll also strive to make sure that all the student clubs are active and run with enthusiasm in both cities.  I’m sure that we will all step up to the challenges that face us and make the MBA Class of 2022 the best one yet!”

JC LI 李俊岑 – APCC Chair & Interim VP

“Born and raised in Chongqing, China, I graduated from the University of International Relations with a Bachelor’s in Law. I then joined the automotive industry and worked in various cities for eight years, where I gained experience in supply chain and general management. I’m passionate about sports, especially basketball and soccer. As APCC chair, I’ll communicate with students and faculties to make a comfortable and efficient learning environment. As Interim VP, I’ll also work closely with the VP and clubs at Shanghai campus to facilitate club activities well under the twin-city model this year.”

Alan ZHOU周轶伦 – Treasurer

“Born and bred in Shanghai, I obtained a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. I’ve worked in banking, auditing and entrepreneurship. My educational background and work experience have equipped me with the necessary knowledge and skills to serve as Treasurer of the Student Committee. In the following twelve months, I’ll devote myself to the optimization of the student committee’s financial operations process through digital transformation. To serve on the student committee is an excellent opportunity for me to make an impact on the CEIBS student community!”

Yidong ZHAO赵逸东 – Social Activities Director

“I was born and raised in Yangzhou, Jiangsu, before studying engineering in Rouen, France. After getting a degree in Sustainable Energy, I pursued an Advanced Master in Information System Management at ESSEC in Paris. Upon graduation, I joined a French Fortune 500 manufacturing multinational company as an IT consultant. Over five years, I managed multiple ERP and CRM-related projects for plants and subsidiaries all around Europe. I’m passionate about sports, travel, music and videos. As Social Activities Director, my main mission is to organise various interesting and meaningful events to help our batch mates build life-long memories on our MBA journey.”

Min HU 胡民 – Career Development Director

“Born in Shaanxi Province, I studied mechanical engineering at Xi’an Jiaotong University. After graduation, I travelled to the United States and obtained two master’s degrees. Then I joined an IT service company on the east coast, working as a software engineer. I believe that with the help of business skills technology will make this world a better place, so I came back and joined CEIBS. As Career Development Director, I will help the student body resolve career-related issues, assist and facilitate the CDC and industry-focused clubs to promote different kinds of career events, providing more industry insights and opportunities.”

Martina COSTA 柯文琳 – Communications Director & Interim Campus Affair Director

“I was born and raised in Turin, Italy, where I studied Energy and Nuclear Engineering. For the past three years I have worked for an Italian company operating in the machine vision sphere in Taiwan. Following this experience, my expertise has expanded to imaging software and artificial intelligence. As Communication Director, my mission is to create a link between the Zurich and Shanghai campuses to build strong connections and create long lasting friendships. Engaging students, faculty and CEIBS staff will be challenging, but also an amazing opportunity to stimulate our student community with positive energy.”

Drake AMBROZE – External Affairs Director & Interim Social Activities Director

“I was born in Atlanta in the United States and have studied Chinese since studying abroad in Beijing in high school.  I majored in Asian Studies at Pennsylvania State University and have been working in Shanghai the past three years as a teacher and manager at a private school. 2020 has been a year of distancing and erecting barriers around us. That said, my goal as External Affairs Director is to further an inclusive environment whose reach extend past the quarantines of this pandemic.  So far, the MBA Class of 2022 has excelled above all expectations. I’d like to see our class extend that same impassioned determination beyond our school.”

Jacob DU 杜江 – Campus Affairs Director

“Born and raised in Chongqing. I studied civil engineering at Chongqing University. After graduation, I joined CSCEC Algeria and work as a civil engineer in Algeria for almost five years. My job in Algeria allowed me to work and live in a total different culture and gave me the chance to travel all around North Africa and Europe. I love travelling, learning about different cultures and languages. I’m also very passionate about music, sports (such as volleyball and tennis) and other outdoor and cultural activities. As Campus Affairs Director, I’ll act as a bridge between the students and the IT and logistics departments on campus to make sure that everyone has a convenient and comfortable campus experience!”

Shivanshu Khillan
Michael Donald Thede