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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

CEIBS Career Development Centre Hosts Virtual Job Fairs

May 19, 2020. Shanghai – As part of CEIBS’ ongoing efforts to support the career development of MBA students and alumni during the COVID-19 pandemic, the CEIBS Career Development Centre has organised a series of virtual job fairs. Following the first Shenzhen Boss Hire Virtual Presentation and Recruitment Event (Phase 1) in April, the Beijing and Ningbo Virtual Recruitment fairs and Phase 2 of Shenzhen Boss Hire have also taken place this month. These fairs received strong support from the CEIBS Alumni Association and the alumni chapters in Beijing, Ningbo and Shenzhen, respectively.

On May 12, the Beijing Fair welcomed a total of 16 recruiters from a wide-range of industries, including healthcare, technology, financial services, manufacturing, consulting, consumer packaged goods, and real estate. Participating companies included CreditEase, Eyecool, In3ct, JD.com, JD Digits, HIKE Capital, King Yee, Niu Technologies, RET, Siemens, Willis Towers Watson, and RET.

The Ningbo Job Fair was held on May 16. Business leaders and HR directors from companies such as Joyson Electronics, PEACEBIRD, NBCCID and Baiduyunzhi shared their insights into their respective industry and business development trends during the fair. They also presented several full-time and internship opportunities, attracting both MBA 2020 graduates and first-year MBA 2021 students.

On May 19, the Shenzhen Boss Hire Virtual Presentation and Recruitment Event (Phase 2) included four alumni companies from the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Coming from different sectors, Sekorm Advanced Technology (Shenzhen), Leap Capital, SFC Limited and Carl Zeiss Vision China all offered job opportunities for CEIBS MBA students.

During the sharing sessions at the job fair, speakers noted that the current and unusual macro-market environment has actually helped improve their companies’ hiring and recruitment standards. Alumni thus encouraged students to adjust their short-term expectations while still keeping their mid- and long-standing career development goals in mind. They also suggested that students maintain a flexible and open-minded attitude and demonstrate their competencies and interests for recruiters – attributes which will are key for every candidate.

An alumni with rich entrepreneurial experience suggested that, in addition to large-scale enterprises, students should also keep an eye on the start-ups, while keeping in mind their attitudes towards risk as well as their own personalities. The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, for instance, is a vibrant business environment where many start-ups like to be located, and could be worth more attention from the students.

Over the past few months, the CEIBS Career Development Centre has initiated a series of events in co-operation with the Alumni Relations Office, Alumni Association and the Zurich Campus, such as the C-Suite Alumni Career Sharing sessions and International Alumni Career Sharing sessions, aimed at helping students better prepare for their job search and long-term career development plans.

Loewe Wang
Michael Donald Thede