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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

MBA 2020 Student Committee Announced

August 28, 2018. Shanghai – The new Student Committee serving the MBA Class of 2020 was announced today with eight students from China, India, South Korea, and Japan taking on key roles that will link the student body and the MBA office.

The newly elected MBA2020 Student Committee President Cavan Luo commented, “We are here to lead a story of unity, diversity, and generosity—a story that will be shared and written by all MBA2020 students. We gather together because we choose hope over fear during challenging times and because we choose unity over conflict in difficult times. We will live up to the trust that our fellow students have given us—a trust that we will bear in mind and pass along to the next generation at CEIBS.”

Vice President Kashish Yadav added, “We are here to humbly represent and serve the MBA2020 student body. Our mission is to support the dreams of a united family composed of talented individuals. We aim to be the ears of our multi-cultural community, to make sure everyone is heard, and to execute improvements to get the most out of our MBA journeys.”

The MBA Class of 2020 Student Committee members are as follows:


Cavan LUO

Vice President

Kashish YADAV

Campus Affairs Director

Kelly GU

Career Development Director

Richard LING

Social Activities Director

Rachel HUO

Communication Director



Doohyun LEE


May YU

External Affair Director


James Kent
Michael Donald Thede