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Thursday, December 10, 2020

First CEIBS Cases Enter Harvard Business Publishing - Education, Bringing Chinese Depth to Global Management Education

December 10, 2020. Shanghai – The first 40 China-focused cases developed and selected by CEIBS have officially gone live on the Harvard Business Publishing - Education, and 27 of them are cutting edge cases developed during the last two years. The first batch represents the latest progress in the long-term cooperative partnership between CEIBS and Harvard Business Publishing - Education agreed in November 2019. In the future, more China-focused cases will enter Harvard Business Publishing - Education and make their way into the classrooms of international business schools. These cases have been developed, selected, and modified using strict criteria in line with the expectations of international readers.

According to CEIBS President Prof. Wang Hong, “Cooperation with world-class business school case libraries is a substantial effort by CEIBS to draw on its key advantages, contribute to the implementation of national strategies, spread the word of China and tell business stories from the country. Founded in 2001, CEIBS Case Center is committed to developing high-quality China-focused cases and building a world-leading China case platform. As the only business school co-established by Chinese and foreign governments, CEIBS is tasked with promoting international economic and cultural exchanges. It will exert further efforts in the future to construct a platform bridging China with the rest of the world and contribute more wisdom and power to promote social and economic development on national and regional levels.”

The first batch of CEIBS cases to enter Harvard Business Publishing - Education cover business management issues in the Chinese context and deal with various disciplines and industries. For example, LiuGong: Integration Challenges in Poland tells how Chinese enterprises efficiently implement post-merger integration and restructuring; LinkDoc: Commercial Exploration of Healthcare Big Data provides innovative thinking on how big data medical start-ups can explore paths to commercialization while capturing and generating value; Phoenix: Facing the Disruptive Challenges of the Bike-Sharing Tide and Transsion Holdings discusses leveraging technological innovation, competitive strategies and business models to proactively adapt to external changes in the context of disruptive innovations; Dow Greater China: Localizing the Corporate Sustainability Strategy helps students understand the leadership challenges of balancing sustainability investment and strategies—which often yield indirect and long-term payoffs—against the short-term needs for growth and financial gains; Xihaner Car Wash: Building a Sustainable Social Enterprise in China depicts how a social enterprise faced up to growth challenges and discussed its future options. Baman Technology: Building Supply Chains for Boundaryless Dining covers business model innovation based on supply chain strategies, role definition, and collaboration between upstream and downstream.

In addition to traditional cases, the batch included newly developed role-playing projects. For example, Smart Health (A&B): Negotiation with a Social Purpose features role-playing in a negotiation scenario between a social entrepreneur and a venture capitalist on balancing a social enterprise's financial and social goals. Such role-playing brings out a strong sense of empathy, initiating class discussion, and triggering in-depth thinking.

“The inclusion of CEIBS cases in Harvard Business Publishing - Education reflects once again CEIBS' preeminence in research and teaching, and that our efforts to expand the school's global reach have paid off,” said CEIBS Vice President and Dean Ding Yuan. “While providing CEIBS students with a better learning experience, these cases will also make their way into the classrooms of other well-known business schools around the world, serving as a testament to CEIBS' commitment to ‘China Depth and Global Breadth'.”

According to Prof. Chen Shimin, Director of CEIBS Case Center, “even during such an unusual time as we are experiencing this year, CEIBS has never relented on its case development efforts and has successfully dealt with the challenges posed by the pandemic. In 2020, CEIBS has developed more than 100 cases, giving a tremendous boost to the full resumption of teaching. Meanwhile, the inclusion of Ivey Publishing's China-relevant cases in ChinaCases.Org, a case library initiated and operated by CEIBS, has also been underway. Next year the total number of cases under ChinaCases.Org will reach 2,500, making it the most influential China-relevant case library worldwide. This will help promote and support case-method teaching in schools and institutions in the Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.”

So far, CEIBS has independently developed more than 1,000 China-focused cases, playing a positive role in promoting the international brand influence of Chinese enterprises, contributing to China's economic development and facilitating exchanges and mutual learning in business management around the world. In the future, CEIBS will further devote itself to developing more high-quality China-focused teaching cases while making proactive efforts to integrate internal and external resources for the further upgrading of ChinaCases.Org to create new value for management education globally.

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