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Sunday, October 7, 2018

Global EMBA 2016 Graduates… in Dubai

October 7, 2018. Dubai, UAE – In another first for CEIBS Global EMBA, the graduation ceremony for the class of 2016 was held in Dubai today! The 90 proud graduates, a multinational cohort of business leaders and executives, received their degrees from CEIBS Vice President and Dean Professor Ding Yuan during a ceremony held at the American University of Sharjah (AUS).

Read of for highlights of their journey, from their unique point of view:

“In September 2016, we chose to start a new journey together, open to change and eager to learn.

During the past two years, we have shared the joys and challenges of learning.

We have exchanged experiences in our lives and our careers, confronted challenges faced together, gained strength and inspiration from each other to move ahead and beyond.

As time went by, we have become close companions.

We are CEIBS Global EMBA 2016.

Part 1 Studying Together

During the outdoor day of the opening leadership module, we gained a better understanding of ourselves and our team members.

【Back to Campus】
During a week-long leadership module to open the programme, we developed a better understanding of what kind of leader we are, and developed close bonds with our new classmates.

Team discussion on Mergers and Acquisitions during the Zurich Global Elective module.

【Peer Learning】
Facilitated by experienced professors, we fulfilled our goal of mastering cutting-edge business knowledge. We also learned a lot from our excellent classmates. We discussed and worked together both in and after class. We even worked out together on the sport fields to better connect with each other.

Students from around the world gather on the Zurich campus

【Overseas Modules】
We embraced different cultures throughout the programme. In Spain, we learned about the European economy; in Ghana, we developed a deeper understanding of how to do business in Africa; in India, we experienced the local economic environment; in Israel, we were impressed by the strong culture of entrepreneurship.

The diverse class led to heightened intercultural communication

【Dual Tracks, One GEMBA】
We were lucky to be in the first dual track format for CEIBS Global EMBA. For overseas modules and elective modules, the two tracks merged into one big class. Frequent communication and interaction made our two-year journey more diverse and fruitful.

Learn together, graduate together

【Never Say Goodbye】
Finally, we graduated. But the learning never ends. We expect to meet more alumni through the global network of CEIBS and learn together in the future.

Part 2 Fulfilment

A farewell is not always about sadness. We have gained knowledge, wisdom, friends and partners over the past two years and now, a bright future is out there.  

Team work during the Strategic Simulation module

【Knowledge and Wisdom】
The GEMBA programme enriched our business knowledge. In the oral defence of the Capstone Project, everyone performed well to conclude the learning journey.

Cheers to life-long friendships!

In and after class, on and off campus, we worked hard and played hard together. We gained good memories and friendship, and became close companions.

Group picture of CEIBS Global EMBA 2016

【Intercultural Communication Competence】
We come from 20 different countries and regions. We worked hard to understand each other and embrace our differences. Through this process, we gained a better understanding of intercultural communication.”

Congratulations on Your Graduation
Global EMBA 2016
Once in a Lifetime, Together for a Lifetime

Ruru Tang
Marcel Austin Martin & Charmaine N. Clarke