Warmhearted and Responsible Mentor

Mentee: Megan Cao
Mentor: Jie CAI, Chairman of Board, Shanghai Cyndi Investment Management Co.

Mentor Cai is the chairman of the board for Shanghai Cyndi Investment Management Co., Ltd. And he has more than 10 years experience in investment.

Mentor Cai involved himself in the mentor program actively. At the very beginning of the mentor program, he already had a rough idea of how to help us with his knowledge and network, which is to create a star team with fully utilization of the resource of CEIBS, including both those from EMBA and MBA.

The meetings & activities

After the kickoff of mentor program, Mentor Cai invited us to his companies, and discussed more detailed on our expectations and how to proceed to better utilize the chance provided by the program. Mentor Cai’s original idea was supported by all of us, and we were so glad that Mentor Cai was to provide us chance to learn by doing something.

The detailed plan includes

  • Analysis on listed companies
  • Visit of companies or factories
  • Operation of a coming fund

Last term, we've done a research on a listed company, which is a supplier of automobile manufacturers. To get more insight into automobile industry, Mentor Cai arranged a visit to a plant making components for automobiles, which owned by Mentor Cai's classmate, Mr. Chen. Mr. Chen gave us a great presentation about the corporation and the industry; and take us around the site.

With activities above, we not only get more familiar with financial analysis, but also get some insight into the industry. I'm very lucky to meet Mentor Cai, also very lucky to be a member of the team.