Possibility of Career Switching Through MBA Programme

Mentor:  Daniel Xu VP of Citibank  
Mentee:  Selina Hu, Samuel Wang, Lea Zhang

We are very lucky to be mentees of Daniel Xu. As a senior manager of Citi Bank, he has abundant experience as well as deep insight on banking industry, which is extremely valuable for those who want to join the industry after graduation. Although Daniel Xu graduated from CEIBS ten years ago, he often expressed his proud of CEIBS and appreciation to his study here. His career chasing story also encourages us to insist on my future plan, showing that even a layman can make a successful career switch by hard working during MBA journey.

Once we asked for his advice in terms of our career plan. He didn’t answer immediately, but spent nearly two hours to compare the domestic commercial banks and foreign banks in different aspects including the corporate culture, development potential, performance evaluation system, operation model, etc. Then he helps us find out what is the real strength and weakness from the employer’s angel. Besides valuable advice, his responsible and practical attitude impressed us deeply. To those who want to switch to other industry after graduate from CEIBS, he pays more attention. He uses his own experience of changing career to encourage us, and asks us to make full use of the opportunity offered by CEIBS, not only studied more curriculums relevant to new industry, but also learn from the alumni who have abundant experience of the industry. He tells us even after we realize the career switch, we also need continue studying and renewing the knowledge.

Daniel is very busy, but he is willing to communicate with us with great ardor. He always shares the information of the industry to us though email, as well as his specific point of view. 

The mentor program let us not only have some valuable advices from mentors, but also have a long mutual friendship with mentors. Especially this friendship between generations can bring us precious help and unique vision continuously!