CEIBS MBA 2015 students continue the tradition of giving back to the local community


COIN (Community Outreach and Inclusion Network) project, as one of many philanthropy project at CEIBS, is the on-going partnership with JiuQian volunteer center, which focus on underprivileged children of migrant workers in Shanghai. It is not only a chance to impact and improve the lives of these little citizens by gradually equipping them with an indispensable language skill but also an occasion to act as role-models for them and show that by working hard they can achieve something they want in life. The COIN projects are fully organized by MBA students. As usual, this time of the year at CEIBS, new students of MBA 2015 take over the responsibility of COIN project from MBA 2014.

CEIBS MBA2-15 students have started to teach English at JiuQian Volunteer Center every Sunday. This experience is also an important lesion for MBA students on their way to becoming a social responsible business leader through MBA journey. They believe that only by taking care of those in need of help one can responsibly lead others in the future.