Established in 2008, the CEIBS Alumni Taiwan Chapter has over 300 members. The sixth council was elected on May 29. 2021. At present, the President is Bai Zhongqi, and the Secretary-General is Xu Ziping. With the tenet of evolving into a platform that promotes the individual development of alumni and the sharing of alumni resources, the chapter serves CEIBS’ Taiwanese EMBA, MBA, CEO and AMP alumni and their families based on the principle of physical proximity to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taipei, Taichung and/or Kaohsiung. To increase CEIBS’ influence in Taiwan, the chapter organises study tours to Taiwan which have been well received amongst alumni. Additionally, the chapter recommends famous Taiwanese scholars to teach post-EMBA courses, thus enhancing cross-straits academic interaction. The chapter also organises events regularly to cultivate closer relations amongst alumni, and to enable alumni to share information and resources. In addition to supporting alumni companies, the chapter also joins hands with Taiwanese alumni of other business schools in Shanghai to make charitable donations and to conduct charity sale transactions. In the future, the chapter will try to amplify its impact through actively co-operating with local governments as well as through various organisations both inside and outside of the school, thus making greater contributions to the development of both Taiwanese alumni and CEIBS.