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    Knowledge creation on China, from proven China experts.

  • Faculty & Research

    Knowledge creation on China, from proven China experts.

  • Faculty & Research

    Knowledge creation on China, from proven China experts.


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Raffarin, Jean-Pierre

September 05, 2018
Former French Prime Minister, Charles de Gaulle Chair in Global Leadership, and Distinguished Professor at CEIBS Jean-Pierre Raffarin discusses the importance of the China-EU strategic partnership in combatting protectionism, how CEIBS is helping to produce leaders capable of embracing innovation, openness, and reform, and how cooperation between Europe and China can serve as an example for the...

Prashantham, Shameen

June 01, 2018
CEIBS Associate Professor of International Business and Strategy Shameen Prashantham met with CEIBS MBA alumna Divya Joseph at Alibaba headquarters in Hangzhou, China. Divya joined the company via the Alibaba Global Leadership Academy in 2016 after graduating from CEIBS. Now she’s one of the people helping to drive the e-commerce giant’s international expansion. 

Park, Hyun Young

May 03, 2018
When Hyun Young Park joined CEIBS as Assistant Professor of Marketing in 2013, one of her biggest worries was how she would do in the classroom. In her previous job she had only taught undergraduates who were much younger than her so she had no idea what would happen, for example, when she came face to face with older Korean students.  But her fears were unfounded. Her students helped her to...

Xu, Bin

April 10, 2018
CEIBS Professor of Economics and Finance Xu Bin points out that China’s surprising 6.9% growth in 2017 has made it clear that US President Donald Trump’s America First policy won’t hurt China as much as some may fear. An analysis of the data shows that the Chinese economy has delinked from the global one, no longer powered by external forces such as exports and inward FDI. Instead domestic...
March 13, 2018
Robert Ward, Editorial Director of The Economist Intelligence Unit, highlights key issues that will affect the global economy in 2018. In this March 9 address he touches on everything from global growth, global order, Brexit, US President Donald Trump’s chances of staying in office, as well as China, India and other emerging markets. Aptly titled “As Good as it Gets?”, Ward’s presentation is as...

Tsikriktsis, Nikos

March 28, 2018
Nikos Tsikriktsis, CEIBS Professor of Operations Management, Associate Dean and Director of the Global EMBA Programme shares secrets behind the fast-fashion retail brand’s success.

Rui, Oliver

March 21, 2018
The inspirational story of CEIBS Professor of Finance and Accounting Oliver Rui, who worked as a fast food delivery man to put himself through school in the US.

David, Emily M.

October 10, 2017
CEIBS Assistant Professor of Management Emily David joined CEIBS in mid-2016 after a stint in the United Arab Emirates where she complemented her role as an academic with mentoring participants in a female empowerment programme. Years before, she had also lived in Bolivia. Her experiences as an expatriate, like many other aspects of her life, have shaped the direction of her academic research....

Ramasamy, Bala

August 31, 2017
Most discussions about China’s massive Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) tend to focus on infrastructural projects that must be completed in order to connect an economically vibrant East Asia and developed Europe by land and sea and, in the process, bring growth and development to tens of countries along the modern Silk Roads. Professor Bala Ramasamy explains why improvements in the soft...
May 03, 2017
Parkland Chair Professor of Strategy at CEIBS Seung Ho Park explains some of his key research findings on ASEAN Champions - strong local firms operating in the ASEAN Economic Community in Southeast Asia, which is set to become the seventh largest economy in the world. Here Professor Park discusses the factors that have enabled these high-performing firms to succeed, and in many cases to beat...