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The CEIBS 7th Prestige Brands Forum 2015

Tradition & Modernity Revisited

Luxury brands have built their growth for the last 20 years on state-of-the-art management of Tradition and Modernity: they both have to root themselves in what makes their authenticity (creativity, culture, craftsmanship…) and to be relevant and appealing to modern customers.

Creation is the core element of Tradition: it is because from their very origin luxury brands have been creative and have worked with talented designers that they have established themselves as successful creative industries. Modernity is of course achieved when products themselves are relevant to customers, but modernity is also in how brands adhere to their current customers’ lifestyles. One of the essential elements of these lifestyles is internet: luxury customers learn, browse, view, discover and buy on the internet and a large part of their social life is now on the internet. How will luxury brands adapt to these changes while remaining intriguing in terms of creativity, culture and craftsmanship? Will start-ups inspired by new internet technologies lure away loyal customers from established top brands? In our times, experience is king. Will luxury brands need to reach out to consumers? CEIBS will bring together both luxury brands executives and experts to share their ideas about how to uphold the tradition and embrace the modernity at CEIBS–Jing’an Prestige Brands Forum 2015.







Ms. Singer Jiang

699 Hongfeng Road, Shanghai 201206, PRC

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