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The CEIBS 9th Prestige Brands Forum 2017

Luxury: The Digital Challenge – from E-commerce to O2O



Luxury brands have long shunned the development of internet but are now investing in what is considered as a major distribution and communication channel. E-commerce now represents the equivalent of a large flagship store for sales and many consider that it will represent 10% of luxury sales in the near future. However recent studies show that in fact 15% of sales are now directly generated by digital: 5% directly through e-commerce and 10% driven by online experience. Luxury brands have been moving fast over the past few years to integrate internet and its potential into its strategies:

• O2O has emerged as a driver of distinctiveness and an organizational challenge

• customer experience is considered as crucial, with a strong focus on impact

• social media presence has been developed

China is playing a major role in this domain: Chinese consumers now represent 30% of global luxury sales and they are some of the most internet-driven customers. Their presence on the web is a major driver of sales, and brands are only just taking this into consideration. Moreover the importance of e-commerce in China has led to counterfeit products and “grey” products flooding the Chinese internet. Some luxury brands, faced with this new challenge, have decided to open stores on TMall with very positive consequences. The 2017 CEIBS Prestige Brand Forum will explore all these issues – both for European luxury brands and for Asian premium brands.

Forum Organisers

Forum Organisers  China Europe International Business School

CEIBS is a not-for-profit joint venture established in 1994 with the support of the Chinese government and the European Commission. With a unique positioning of “China Depth, Global Breadth”, CEIBS has made outstanding achievements over the past 20 years by adhering to an international and market-oriented approach and maintaining high-quality teaching standards. Premier Wen Jiabao has spoken highly of CEIBS as “an incubator for excellent business leaders”. As one of the leading business schools in the world, CEIBS organizes a number of high-level international forums and roundtables each year that offer an open platform for industry leaders, senior government officials, and renowned academics to share their insights on hot issues facing China and the world.

Shanghai Jing'an District Government

Located in the heart of downtown Shanghai, Jing'an District is home to renowned brands from home and abroad. At present, over 1,200 brand names, including more than 800 international ones, congregate along Nanjing Road, Jing'an District. Plaza 66, CITIC Square, and Westgate Mall, the so-called "Golden Triangle", attract the greatest number of famous international brands in Shanghai.

June 24 (Saturday), 2017




Welcome Address

Prof. Zhang Weijiong
Vice President & Co-Dean; Professor of Management, CEIBS

Officer from Shanghai Jing’an District People’s Government

Dr. Snow Zhou
Assistant President, CEIBS

09:00 ~ 09:20

Opening Keynote Speech I

Mr. Cyrille Vigneron
President & CEO, Cartier

09:20 ~ 09:40

Opening Keynote Speech II

Senior Executive from Pacific Place Group

09:40 ~ 10:00

Coffee Break

Session I: The New Business Model of Luxury

Because luxury consumers are now younger and digital native, digital has become a critical dimension of the new business model of luxury brands. Brands are faced with important organizational and talent issues. New questions must be answered: must e-commerce and digital communication be separated in the organization? How can the brand adapt to the millennial culture? How can brands identify the talent needed in a digital world? Must the traditional luxury business model be changed?

Under the pressure of internet and of the millennial culture, fashion brands have seen a major revolution last year with the arrival of the “See Now Buy Now” business model (collections available in stores just after the runway show, men and women shows blended in a unique show) that major Anglo-Saxon brands have adopted. French and Italian brands on the contrary have stayed faithful to the traditional business model where products arrived in stores 6 months after the runway show.

All this has huge impact on the business model of luxury – on its supply chain, on its IT systems, on the talent they recruit.

10:00 ~ 10:40

Introduction Keynote: The Non Personal Goods in Luxury

Mr. Clemens Pflanz

10:40 ~ 11:20

Industry Leaders Dialogue II

Mr. Bryon Wang
Lead of International Markets, Alibaba Group

  Moderator: Prof. Jane Wang 
Associate Professor of Marketing, CEIBS

11:20 ~ 12:00

Industry Leaders Dialogue III

Mr. Luca Solca
Managing Director, Sector Head Global Luxury Goods, Exane BNP Paribas


12:00 ~ 12:40

Industry Leaders Dialogue IV

Mr. Clemens Pflanz



Prof. Michel Gutsatz 
Adjunct Professor of Marketing, CEIBS
Associate Dean, Kedge Business School

12:40 ~ 13:40


Professors Session

13:40 ~ 14:00

Keynote Speech

Prof. Michel Gutsatz
Adjunct Professor of Marketing, CEIBS
Associate Dean, Kedge Business School


Keynote Speech

Prof. Michel Gutsatz 
Adjunct Professor of Marketing, CEIBS
Associate Dean, Kedge Business School


Keynote Speech

Prof. Jane Wang
Associate Professor of Marketing, CEIBS


Coffee Break

14:20 ~ 14:40

Keynote Speech: the Myth and Truth of Brand Building

Dr. Eden Yin
Senior Lecturer in Marketing, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

14:40 ~ 15:00 Coffee Break
Session II: The O2O Challenge: Can Brands Manage Consistently Offline and Online?

Traditional retail is far from being dead – but it now has to be developed complementarily with the online channel. Brands now have to abandon the silo mentality to move to an integrated approach where offline and online are truly integrated both in the organization and in the customer experience. The function of shopping being social – it cannot be done 100% online and customers are looking for seamless experiences that brand have difficulties delivering.

In China this experience is impacted by the importance of a major Chinese internet player: Tencent. The growing importance of Wechat – both as communication and now an e-commerce platform - plays a fundamental role in building this experience. Moreover the battle for mobile payment is now launched: WeChat wallet, Alipay and Apple Pay are the major contenders and are fighting for market share.

CEIBS will bring together both luxury brands executives, Tencent and experts to discuss this critical issue at its 2017 Prestige Brand Forum.

15:00 ~ 16:20

Panel Discussion

  • Ms. Sophia Ong
    General Manager, Advertising Sales Department of Tencent Online Media Group Eastern China                                                                                                                      
  • Mr. Chen Min
    Vice President & General Manager of Active Cosmetics Division, L'Oreal China                                                                                                       
  • Mr. Peter Lee
    Asia General Manager, rewardStyle

Moderator: Prof. Michel Gutsatz                                                                                                                                                            
Adjunct Professor of Marketing, CEIBS
Associate Dean, Kedge Business School


16:20 ~ 16:25

Closing Speech

Prof. Pedro Nueno
President, Chengwei Capital Chair Professor of Entrepreneurship, CEIBS


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