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The CEIBS 8th Prestige Brands Forum 2016

Luxury: the Power of Experience


Ms. Singer Jiang 699 Hongfeng Road, Shanghai 201206, PRC

The global environment of luxury brands is changing rapidly and the question is whether they are ready to face the challenges linked to this changing environment. Two such challenges are directly linked to their customers and their growing sophistication:

• Customers now look for experience. And experience extends beyond personal care. The scope of luxury expands: hotels, travel, home, education, become new markets where sophisticated customers expect top-level service and exceptional products.
• The growing importance of Chinese customers doubles with their growing sophistication. They travel extensively, both for business and leisure, and they expect the same level of service to be delivered worldwide.

How do traditional luxury brands tackle these issues? Is it not an opportunity for new luxury brands to enter the market – some of them from new countries like China? How is the global market for luxury goods and services impacted by these major changes?
These are some of the questions the 8th CEIBS Prestige Brands Forum will try answering with the help of leaders and executives of such brands.

Forum Organisers

Forum Organisers  China Europe International Business School

CEIBS is a not-for-profit joint venture established in 1994 with the support of the Chinese government and the European Commission. With a unique positioning of “China Depth, Global Breadth”, CEIBS has made outstanding achievements over the past 20 years by adhering to an international and market-oriented approach and maintaining high-quality teaching standards. Premier Wen Jiabao has spoken highly of CEIBS as “an incubator for excellent business leaders”. As one of the leading business schools in the world, CEIBS organizes a number of high-level international forums and roundtables each year that offer an open platform for industry leaders, senior government officials, and renowned academics to share their insights on hot issues facing China and the world.

Shanghai Jing'an District Government

Located in the heart of downtown Shanghai, Jing'an District is home to renowned brands from home and abroad. At present, over 1,200 brand names, including more than 800 international ones, congregate along Nanjing Road, Jing'an District. Plaza 66, CITIC Square, and Westgate Mall, the so-called "Golden Triangle", attract the greatest number of famous international brands in Shanghai.

September 24 (Saturday), 2016



CEIBS SHANGHAI Petrochemical Auditorium


Welcome Address

Prof. Pedro Nueno                           
President, Chengwei Capital Chair Professor of Entrepreneurship, CEIBS

Mr. Zhou Haiying                           
Deputy Governor, Shanghai Jing’an District People’s Government

Host: Ms. Ai Cheng, Founder and Host, iAsk Media


Keynote Speech

Prof. Dominique Xardel                             
Professor, Associate Dean for International Affairs, ESSEC Business School

Session I: New Luxury: Going beyond Personal Goods

Luxury is traditionally defined as concerning personal goods: fashion, accessories, watches, jewelry, beauty… But the luxury customer has evolved and is now looking for experience: they want to live a full rich life, beyond personal goods. Their focus is now on cars they drive, hotels they stay in, home they live in, services they need, all the way to schools they want for their children.

Luxury has changed: it now encompasses new categories like hospitality, mobility, education, home furnishings, travel and leisure. The recent Bain & C° studies show that whereas personal goods growth is slowing down globally, these new categories are booming in the whole world and in China specially. It seems that the whole luxury industry is undergoing a major shift. These new categories come from countries as diverse as Germany (cars, kitchens), UK (education, home appliances), Switzerland (kitchens, hospitality education), Italy (design, home furnishings, yachts, coffee)…

A new potential for Chinese prestige brands is thus open: they are developing fast into new categories at the premium level.

The morning session will be organized as a series of dialogues: a western brand and a Chinese brand in the same category will develop their strategy and explain the issues they are facing.


Introduction Keynote: The Non Personal Goods in Luxury

Mr. Clemens Pflanz       


Dialogue I: China Car Brands: What Bright Future?

Mr. Chen Anning, Chairman, Qoros Auto Co., Ltd.; Chairman, Chery Jaguar Land Rover

Ms. Lorraine Yan, CEO, Shenzhen BYD-Daimler New Technology Co., Ltd.

Moderator: Ms. Jane Song, VP, Motionone Communications; Former VP, Jaguar Marketing Communications


Coffee Break


Dialogue II: Kitchen Appliance: A New Lifestyle?

Mr. Manoj Mehta, Chief Executive Officer, naked Group

Mr. Guo lixin, Founder, Biocountry Resort

Mr. Johnny Pan, Associate Publisher, Condé Nast Traveler

Moderator: Prof. Jane Wang, Associate Professor of Marketing, CEIBS


Dialogue III: Travel & Hospitality: The New Experience Economy?

Mr. Daegal Ritz, Senior Vice President of Marketing, BSH Home Appliances (China) Co., Ltd.

Mr. Sun Liming, Vice President, Fotile

Moderator: Ms. Irene Tang, Founder and CEO, Fulishe; Secretary General of CEIBS Alumni Fashion Creation Association



Professors Session


Keynote Speech

Prof. Jane Wang                              
Associate Professor of Marketing, CEIBS


Keynote Speech

Prof. Michel Gutsatz                                     
Adjunct Professor of Marketing, CEIBS
Associate Dean, Kedge Business School


Keynote Speech

Prof. Michaela Merk             
Associate Professor of Luxury Marketing, Retail and Digital Management,  University Paris Dauphine


Coffee Break

Session II: Engaging Chinese Customers

Chinese customers are now the No. 1 customers of luxury: according to Bain they represent 29% of global luxury sales. But sales in Mainland China only represent 12% of these sales! This means that Chinese customers buy more than 60% of their luxury products abroad - in Hong Kong, in Macau, in Europe or in the US. Chinese customers will not only buy in any one of these countries but also in their home country when they are back.

Now luxury brands are only now discovering that phenomenon and considering how to tackle it. Huge issues are at stake here: can global customer bases be organized? How does the brand's organization impact this? How can a brand follow its Chinese customers when they travel abroad?

At a time where sales in China are plateauing if not decreasing, all luxury brands know that one of the challenges they face today is to grow their sales both inside and outside China - expanding their local customer base AND getting their current customers to spend more. Relating with Chinese customers globally needs a better understanding of their behaviors and expectations: what do they expect in the store? How do they prepare their trips? How do they use and what is the impact of social media? Do they need specific products that brands have difficulties offering?

In a word: what Experience can the luxury brands deliver to their Chinese customers?

CEIBS will bring together both luxury brands executives, Chinese social media executives and experts to discuss this critical issue at its 2016 Prestige Brand Forum.


Keynote Speech: Keep Up with China

Mr. Andrew Wu                             
President for Greater China, LVMH Group


Keynote Speech: Perspectives on China and Chinese Consumers

Mr. Bruno Lannes                           
Head of Consumer Goods and Retail in Greater China, Bain


Keynote Speech: Developing a Luxury Experience Economy in the Internet Plus Era

Ms. Sophia Ong                           
General Manager, Advertising Sales Department of Tencent Online Media Group Eastern China


Keynote Speech: China Luxury Industry at the Point of Transformation: LIVE IT TO WIN IT!

Ms. Ing-Nan Nancy Shen                           
Global Partner & Asia Managing Director, NEO Investment Partners


Panel Discussion & Q&A

Moderator: Prof. Michel Gutsatz                           
Adjunct Professor of Marketing, CEIBS
Associate Dean, Kedge Business School



Prof. Pedro Nueno
President, Chengwei Capital Chair Professor of Entrepreneurship, CEIBS

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RMB 6,800    USD 1100

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RMB 6,000    USD 970


If you cancel at any time up to Sep 9, 2016, a prompt refund will be made to you upon receipt of your written notice (faxes are acceptable). A USD110 (or RMB 700) non-refundable registration fee will be deducted from your payment. After that date, no refunds will be made. If, for any reason, this conference is cancelled, we will offer you a 100% refund of the conference fee. CEIBS shall not, however, be held responsible for covering airfares, hotel or other costs incurred by registrants.

The fee includes attendance at all conference sessions and discussions, luncheon, coffee breaks and full documentation. The fee does not include your travel or hotel expenses. Please note that we must receive your payment before the date of the conference.

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