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    Knowledge creation on China, from proven China experts.

  • Faculty & Research

    Knowledge creation on China, from proven China experts.


Faculty Profiles


Xin, Katherine Rong

Professor of Management;
Bayer Chair in Leadership;
Associate Dean (Europe);
Director of Hospitality EMBA Programme, CEIBS

Professor Xin, a native of the Chinese mainland, has extensive teaching, research and consulting experience in universities and multinational companies around the world.

Katherine Xin is Professor of Management, Bayer Chair in Leadership, Associate Dean (Europe), Co-Director of Hospitality EMBA Programme at China Europe International Business School (CEIBS). She holds her Ph.D. from the University of California and was previously on the faculty of the University of Southern California, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Professor Xin specializes in the areas of leadership, organisational culture, change management, and strategic human resource management. She is currently researching how to build high performance culture and how effective performance management can shape people’s mindset and behaviour. She is a frequent contributor to academic and executive conferences and journals. Her research work has appeared in the leading international management journals such as the Academy of Management Journal, Administrative Science Quarterly, Strategic Management Journal, Organisation Studies, Leadership Quarterly, and other publications. Her books Made in China - Secrets of China’s Dynamic Entrepreneurs (2009), Globalisation of Chinese Firms (2009), Five Types of Effective Leaders (2011), Five-Star Model of Talent Development (2014) and Global Expansion- the Chinese Way (2017) received broad attention from executives globally.

In addition to her research and teaching, she is a consultant and workshop leader , and has undertaken assignments for multinational firms such as Acer, Alcatel, Allicanz, BASF, BMW, Bosch, China Mobile, China Steel, China Telecom, Daimler Benz, Ford Motor Company, Fluor Daniel, Interbrew, Inventec, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Pacific Bell, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Qualcomm, San Miguel, Sony, Toyota, TRW, TSMC, UMC, Baosteel, Baxter and government agencies in the US, HK and the Chinese mainland. She also worked as the marketing director at a high temperature rubber manufacturing company in California, and participated in founding 3 companies.

  • Ph.D. , University of California, Irvine
  • MBA, California State University
  • Leadership
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Organisational Culture
  • Top Management Teams
  • Change Management
  • Leadership and Corporate Culture
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Organisational Change and Development
  • Negotiation and Decision Making
Made in China - Secrets of China’s Dynamic Entrepreneurs, 2009
The Globalization of Chinese Companies: Strategies for Conquering International Markets (Xin, Katherine Rong & & Waldemar Pfoertsch & Liu Shengjun), John Wiley, 2011
Globalization of Chinese Firms, 2009