In the second episode of season two of Mapleside Chats, hosted by Ariel with Zhiyin (Consulting Club), Sabrina and Mona (Women’s Leadership Club), and Chaney (Sports, Media, and Entertainment Club), we explore clubs and communities at CEIBS. What is the purpose of clubs and how can these communities be leveraged to explore a potential industry, grow your network, take part in events, and empower members? Explore women’s leadership and unpack the possibilities of clubs and communities with this latest episode. Recorded on February 19th, 2023.


Host:  Ariel Hsu 

Guests: Zhiyin Lou, Sabrina Zhou, Mona Wang, Chaney Jiang 

Editor: Ariel Hsu 


Podcast Creator: Will Hubbard 

Podcast Producers/Editors: Will Hubbard, Ariel Hsu, Yuanyuan Dai 

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