‘Meat’ the future: Where will your next lunch come from?

Global meat consumption is enormous. It is also potentially very problematic due to its impact on the environment. In response, food innovation companies are now looking for new recipes and turning to scientific knowledge to help bring lab-grown meat to the marketplace. But what do consumers really think of lab-grown meat? Are people ready to eat lab-grown foods, or do they already have too much on their plates?

In this recently recorded webinar, CEIBS Professor Wang Yajin shares her most recent research on consumer acceptance towards different types of lab-grown foods. Prof. Wang is joined by Ms. Senn-Jakobsen, who explains Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley’s current initiative to develop, strengthen and promote food innovation in Switzerland and beyond. Ms. Jakobsen also explains how Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley addresses major challenges in food, agriculture, and nutrition by leveraging cutting-edge science and technology for a more sustainable future. Finally, she also shares a case study of a start-up company tackling the challenges of sustainable and alternative food solutions.