Coca-Cola, Tencent & Xiaomi Execs Talk MBA Career Paths

If you quit your job, go back to school and spend 16 months doing an MBA, what will happen next? In other words, after you pick up your well-earned degree certificate, what career doors does an MBA open up, both internationally and here in China?
If you are an early-to-mid career professional in China and curious about the payoff of ‘mastering’ business administration in Shanghai, you’ll want to hear what three international CEIBS MBA grads working at Tencent, Xiaomi and Coca-Cola have to say. Listen in, as we pull back the curtain on the programme ranked #1 in Asia by the Financial Times, Forbes and Bloomberg Businessweek and dive into some of the following questions:
·         Why do global and Chinese multinational firms seek out MBA graduates? And, for what roles?
·         How much of the curriculum, from Financial Accounting to Re-Thinking Strategy in a Digital World, do MBA graduates use day-to-day?
·         How can you fund the MBA through scholarships and financial aid?
·         What does a typical day look like for MBAs both on campus, and after graduation in the workforce?

Learn more about the CEIBS MBA programme here.