Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Shaping the Future of CEIBS Alumni with DESIGN THINKING

WATCH as 16 CEIBS EMBA & MBA alumni get together in Germany. THEIR MISSION: Develop creative ideas to bring more value to their alumni community. 

With DETECON International GmbH, the #2 biggest German management consultancy, they had 5 hours to use the DESIGN THINKING PROCESS to fulfil their mission. Many companies around the world are using this methodology to solve business challenges like product design, services, processes or strategies in a user-centric, innovative and creative way. 

The alumni were divided into three groups. First they had to define what “VALUE” meant to them. Using a favourite brainstorming technique they imagined worst case scenarios (HELL) out of which the best cases (HEAVEN) for their CEIBS alumni community were developed. The best ideas were further refined into IDEA NAPKINS which were presented in a big round at the end.

You cannot imagine how CREATIVE and ARTISTIC our CEIBS alumni are! The ideas included events with spouses, mentoring programmes, an exclusive club, and a CEIBS Alumni App that could quickly find other alumni nearby. Actually there were even MORE IDEAS that will be followed up at the Germany and Europe Chapter levels to shape an ALUMNI COMMUNITY that's both GREAT VALUE and FUN!