Shanghai Jingan


The CEIBS Alumni Shanghai Chapter (Jing’an District) was established in October 2013 and merged with the former Zhabei Chapter in 2017. After re-election and expansion, its council now consists of:

Honorary President: Xia Yiqun
President: Deng Jianmin
Vice President & Secretary-General: Gao Hang
Vice Presidents: Long Jisheng, Yuan Quanhong, Gong Jiangang, Wang Chunlei, Tan Jiangping, and Xu Xing
Vice Secretaries-General: Hu Yanting, Dong Haiming, Qin Weifang, Zhang Jian, and Qian Jiani

Committed to a motto of “Life in Style, Career in Creativity, Living in Jing’an", the chapter has hosted dozens of activities as a sharing platform for arts and humanities, health, human resources and traditional Chinese culture. For example, it has organised five opera appreciation events together with Shanghai Opera House and held HR and healthcare forums of the highest standards in China.